August 8th, 2014


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I make gluten free corn meal based dog treats at home. I'm getting pretty good at it, and my dogs go crazy for them, so I'm starting to consider marketing them. What would be a good name??

(they are corn meal based, gluten free, home made, and shaped like little dog bones... my marketing focus would be on the fact that gluten often causes issues in people and apparently also in dogs -- one of mine was having seizures about once a month, and is now seizure free for 4.5 months and counting since taking her off gluten! I'm not necessarily all gung-ho about gluten free generally being healthier, but if it's causing issues, which I think it does a lot more than people ever notice, I'm all for going gluten free. It gives me awful stomach issues myself, and going gluten free has been amazing!) So yeah it would be nice if the name tied in to one or more aspects of the treats themselves - but not totally necessary. My main priority would be that it's catchy.

Srs / non-srs answers welcome :)

dk/dc: if you own a dog, what kind of treats do you buy them? if you do not own a dog - why not??
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Is there anyone you miss at the moment? How do you deal with it? Do you still feel close to them?

I miss my brother. My mother and I are no longer speaking (potential trigger warning: after I called the police on her re: abuse), and although my brother only phoned me to call me a liar once (which my grandmother says was largely egged on/coached by my mother), I feel a bit awkward about it.

I almost never see him when my dad and grandparents aren't there, and last time I did it was effectively used as a ploy to bribe me back into a family gathering at my mum's (despite me explicitly saying I wouldn't visit there and having travelled 4 hours on public transport because my mother refused to allow him travel 40 minutes on the tube to meet us closer - he's 15). I'd arranged the date in advance and checked whether or not it would clash with anything, but he had to leave for said gathering after 30 minutes.

He doesn't use Facebook and never replies anything substantial to texts but is chatty enough when we meet. I pretty much only know what he's up to if one of his friends tags him in a picture. We used to be pretty close but we don't have much in common now. It's weird because in my head we're still pretty close and I don't go a day without thinking about him.

I'm not really sure what to do as he's not really allowed more than a stop or two on the bus on his own and doesn't seem to be allowed to meet us any further than walking distance which pretty much leaves only the cinema and restaurants - not really a great opportunity to chat.