August 7th, 2014

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Assuming your sex life with your partner is pretty good, Do you think masterbating in a relationship is healthy or disrespectful to your partner? Would you tell your partner or keep it to yourself?
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First Dreams

On the subject of dreams... what is the first dream you remember having? How old were you?

I was around four and had this dream after seeing the movie Willow for the first time (if my memory serves me).

I was walking underground in a giant cave system. The floor was mostly rock, though there were pools and rivers of lava. At one point I was crossing an area that had large, flat stepping stones and I got about halfway across before pausing. There was a large bokder that appeared slightly damp and mossy sitting in the lava (I guess it could have been mineralized water that was orangish, but we are running on toddler logic here). I said "Oh, fuzzy!" and reached out to touch it. As I did it turned to reveal a red-faced creature with a single giant eye. I believe that's when I woke up, quite unsettling!
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Do you have recurring dreams?

If so, what do you dream about? Do you dream of doing something, or do you dream of a certain place?

I have three.

First one: it's a place. It scares me. I always get a sense of unease when I'm there, like something is about to happen, but I always wake up before it does. It's a seaside resort. However, sometimes I feel it's in Wales, other times I get the feeling it's in Spain, and sometimes it's a weird mixture of both of these. Been dreaming about it for years now.

second one: I'm on a plane, usually on my own, but sometimes I'm with my mum. When my mum is in my dream, she disappears halfway through the flight. I always sit on the left side of the plane, but farthest from the window. It's a big plane and I am always heading to the United States.

Third one is the most weird. I'm in a large park. There are trampolines on the ground. They're only the very small, round ones. I get on one, and jump, but I always get propelled high into the sky (like, airplane high) and then I start to fall to the ground. I feel sick to my stomach and can feel my legs and arms cramping up as I brace myself for the impact. But I hit the ground feet-first and don't feel a thing. Then I do the whole thing over again, only each time I'm able to jump higher and higher until I'm almost in space, Then I either wake up or end up in another dream.

Do you think recurring dreams actually mean something? The first one is probably just my subconscious recalling past holidays to the seaside and getting them all muddled up together. Not sure where the uneasy feelings come from though. The second one kinda make sense to me; I want to travel to the United States but I am scared of traveling alone. I can't make sense of the third though. I just don't get it at all, and why it's a recurring dream.

How often do your dreams recur? I probably dream about all three of these each week. To be honest, I usually dream of 'the place' every night, sometimes very briefly, and sometimes I can't remember, but I just get this feeling that I've dreamed about it.