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July 29th, 2014

FEEL THE PAIN [Jul. 29th, 2014|08:12 am]
The Question Club



How well do you handle pain?

I pass out at the thought of an injection
stubbing my toe is a major event
I'm normal
I can lose a limb without a whimper
other in comments
i like pain
i am a pain warrior
the rest of youse is wimps
give me bourbon and all is well

When you're in the hospital/doctors office...does pain seem to be more intense?

heck yeah...those needles are a mile long and have barbs
i grin and bear it
its about the same
whats a doctor? whats a hospital?
i like pain
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(no subject) [Jul. 29th, 2014|12:37 pm]
The Question Club


I've been working on repainting my nightstand and this is what I've done so far:

See hereCollapse )

I feel like it needs more purple, I'm thinking either the drawer or simply a border around one of the lips around the edge of the table-you can sort of make it out in the close up shot.

What do you guys think? Drawer, edge, leave it as is...something else?
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(no subject) [Jul. 29th, 2014|01:29 pm]
The Question Club


What do you do when your boyfriend starts being really cheap and only cares about sex? Should you assume that he's cheating?

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(no subject) [Jul. 29th, 2014|04:45 pm]
The Question Club



For the engaged and married... Did you know when your fiancé/husband was going to propose? Was it a complete surprise or did you just Know it was going to happen?

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Car sticker [Jul. 29th, 2014|06:36 pm]
The Question Club


Just popped into my head....does anyone know what those oval-shaped stickers with numbers mean or refer to? Is it the Bible? It's white with black print, one I remember had '3.16' on it, maybe referring to John 3:16?

EDIT: Thanks for the answers everyone. :) I am clearly not a marathon runner lol
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(no subject) [Jul. 29th, 2014|08:28 pm]
The Question Club


Ever get the feeling the universe was trying to stop you doing something?

Did you do it anyway?

My answerCollapse )

dk;dc;flaaq: Is it normal for dog owners to deposit their poop bags in random neighbor's garbage cans? (Some of these were in people's yards/driveways, not out by the street waiting to be emptied.)
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please hold [Jul. 29th, 2014|10:11 pm]
The Question Club


When you have to be on hold for a while, do you prefer music or no music coming through the phone while you wait?

Inspired by my HMO, which has this some pretty obnoxious piano track that makes my brain cells die rapidly while I am waiting.
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