July 28th, 2014

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So, I’m in the market for yet another trash can. I was looking at Simple Human trash cans because the more expensive ones have a liner that holds the bag inside the can, so he won’t be able to tear it apart, and they look like they are sturdy and hard to knock over. The only thing that concerns me is they are nice stainless steel looking cans and I’m wondering how bad it will look in a couple months if he keeps clawing at the can. I also really don’t want to spend $100 for a trash can but I think it’s my only option at this point =(

TL;DR I need a trash can that:
- Doesn’t have the bag exposed to the outside of the can
- Is either sturdy so he can’t knock it over, or has room in the bottom to put something heavy to weigh it down
- Has a lid that he can’t get into, or if it’s a flip up lid, has a flat surface so I can put something on it to keep him from flipping it up (the duct tape method is really inconvenient)

This is the one I was looking at getting (I think it would be perfect) but the price is pretty steep, especially if he’s just going to scratch it up. Does anyone have any suggestions of cheaper alternatives? Also, does anyone have one of these Simple Human trash cans and can give feedback on how easy it is to scratch up or knock over? Thanks!

What's that flag?

I've seen a flagpole in my neighborhood flying a flag I don't recognize. I don't see it on charts of flags of the world.

The bulk of the flag is white.

There is a dark blue box (canton) on the top left.

Within the canton is a red cross.

What's that flag?

ETA: Found! It's the Christian flag.

So why is this house flying it at half-staff?


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Do you use a vaporizer? Do you buy e-juice for it online, or in a brick-and-mortar store or a little of both? What are some of your favorite sites to buy e-juice from? What are you favorite flavors?