July 26th, 2014

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Pretend you made a tray of lasagna. Your partner/roommate/alien that you saved from government funded scientists asks if you are eating with them. You say no.

What does this "no" really mean?

(a) I'm not eating with you, but will probably have some later
(b) Please eat this entire lasagna.
(c) Something else?
Coke can

Photo Blog Names

I want to start up two photo blogs.

One as a kind of photo journal of my life. I completed a 100happydays challenge today, and now want to carry on a photo blog of things that make me happy each day, as well as perhaps documenting ways I can make others happy. So rather than simply focusing on my happiness, I want to be a bit more altruistic this time and through my photography of it, encourage and inspire others to do the same.

The other with a focus on photographing autism and autistic children. My nephew is autistic and my wife volunteers at a centre for children with ASD. I want to try and tackle some people's views I have come across who say that you can't take an autistic child's photograph (or at least, not easily). I also find autism fascinating and beautiful, so want to capture how it makes my nephew and other children awesome rather than defective as some people view it.

Does anyone have any awesome blog name ideas for either/both of these projects?

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My best friend has always been a bit one-sided with contact - she usually waits for me to suggest something/make contact, but we have a fantastic time once we're doing it.
I moved back home so we've been living less than 4 miles from each other since May, yet i've seen her once, and twice where she's invited me out then i've realised her parents are there too. She always has something better to do, always with her parents, and has excused it as just being because I 'know what summer's like'. I've really been quite hurt by this and don't know how i'd feel about suddenly becoming an option again once winter comes and she has less stuff to do with her parents. Personally, I find it kind of odd that a 23 year old would so exclusively want to go to festivals/music events etc and get drunk with her parents.

So, WWTQCD? Cool off the friendship or forgive and forget?

Dk/dc - Who and how have you grown apart from friends?