July 24th, 2014

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Any Recommendations?

Any recommendations (sp?) for things to do in Galway while trying to avoid the Galway Races and the squillions of people attending them?

This question brought to you by someone who was allocated two of the busiest weeks of the year for holidays, and accidentally booked Galway on Race Week.

DK/DC: What was your favourite episode of Father Ted?

Terrible idea?

The other day I noticed my shoes felt odd, and discovered that the heel had split on one. The heel is rubber with an air pocket in the middle, so now whenever I take a step, it completely squishes down and isn't at all comfortable.

Normally I'd just sigh and get rid of them, but! I'm pretty annoyed about them falling apart because they are Clarks and I paid about $80 for them. I've had them about a year, wearing them roughly two days a week for six to eight hours, and considering the usual quality of Clarks and how other pairs have held up, i really expected them to last me several years, not barely one.

Looking around at their site and from previous exchanges at the shop, they seem to have a satisfaction guaranteed policy, and I'm wondering if I emailed the company and said how disappointed I was, I might be able to get a partial refund/replacement. Which would be great, because for me, that's a really expensive pair of shoes. But I feel super nervous and a little embarrassed about doing that, because, like, it's been a year, right? That's way too long of a time to be complaining about anything, right? >.>

(I'm more used to $10 Walmart shoes that fall apart after three months, though I have a pair of frequently worn work boots that are as good as new ten years later.)
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So I was bored and went on Omegle earlier (very bored, obvs) and I saw that the cam portion of the site is now 18+ and they give a warning before clicking that it's for 18 plus and there may be sexual content. It got me wondering.. since there is an 18 plus warning and people know they might be seeing nudity, can people be prosecuted for stuff minors might see or partake in (like if the person has no reason to believe the person is lying about their age) if they're in an 18+ chat and it's assumed everyone is of age?

Also, what's the weirdest thing you've seen on chatboards or webchats?

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Apparently I suck at google.

I am going on vacation again, from Indiana to Louisiana and then over to Florida before coming back up.

Are there any websites where you can put in your travel info and it will point out cool shit to do a long the way?

I am mostly interested in finding pretty spots a long the Kentucky and Tennessee portion, nature stuff....or maybe any "worlds largest" type stupid shit.

What was your last vacation?

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Dogs & Cats

My boyfriend and I are planning on moving in together at the end of the summer. I will be moving into his house.  He has a large American Bulldog. I have 2 cats.

A) His dog needs obedience training. He knows sit. That's about it. I have the summer off from teaching, so I am going to devote the next month to training the dog. Any tips/tricks/helpful advice you recommend? The dog is currently crate trained, and my boyfriend is on board with training, just doesn't have as much time as I do, working full time while I am on summer break.

B) We have planned to separate the house (it is an upper split) and keeping the cats in the basement creating a safe space for them in the fully finished basement. My office/den will be in the basement, as will the guest bedroom (my current bed).  Best thing to use to separate? I am contemplating a couple different baby gates, but I am fairly certain the dog will do whatever he can if he really wants to play with the cats to get at them, and jump over the gate. Edited to clarify.

DK/DC: Share a photo of your pet!

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do you subscribe to any monthly boxes? like popsugar, ipsy, birchbox, etc.

I had popsugar for 3 months at $40 a month before I just decided to cancel. there were some nice things in the boxes I received, but not a whole lot of stuff I'd actually use.

I'm looking for a great beauty or other 'girly' type of box to subscribe to. any suggestions?
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When was the last unexpected bruise you found? What did you last walk into?

I found these on my leg earlier, one of the them is a raised bump and I have no idea what I've done to get them. Crashed into a bunch of things by the looks of it.

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Also, do you have any favourite photo challenges? My wife is just finishing up 100 happy days and is looking for something else.
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Hi TQC. My daughter's best friend needs after school care for about 45minutes a day. Her mom has offered to pay me. She lives a few houses down, so she'll be dropped off at my daughter's bus stop. I'm assuming I'll give her a snack and help with homework. How much do I charge for this? They're in first grade, if that helps. Also, just to have my bases covered, how much should I charge for a full day of care on school holidays.

DK/DC: Have you stumbled upon a TQC member somewhere else on the internet before? I just did, buuuuuuuuut since it wasn't in a SFW type spot, I'm not saying anything.