July 22nd, 2014

god bless the world

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I am so on the fence about whether or not to have a child.  I have been for years.  But I am at an age where a call needs to be made one way or the other, and it's killing me.

What is the biggest decision you've ever had to struggle with/been unsure about?  How'd it work out?


So nervous!

TQC.....Do you judge someone based on how their house looks? Even new moms?

Our mommy and me group is coming over in a couple of hours and my house is tidy, even clean by some standards...but I'M FREAKING OUT! We didn't get the kitchen floor mopped, or the livingroom floor vacuumed (I have 2 cats at it's ridden with hair...I was going to get my sisters dyson but forgot). My lawn is so overgrown because after work my Husband spends baby time while I get me time, then he studies/works/cooks and I deal with the baby. I don't get to it because the baby is super clingy giving me no time to put him down and do it.

I'm so afraid they will judge me hard and I really want to keep connections open...why oh why did I suggest my house!!!!! Why the hell does other peoples opinions matter so much? We're all new moms...they should understand right?

Brit slang question

My wife and i are Americans and we enjoy watching a lot of BBC television. We are into Britcoms like 'Vicar of Dibley' and 'As Time goes By' and 'Are you Being Served?'

These are older comedies though and of late we have been watching newer dramas like 'Doc Martin','Misfits' and 'Old Tricks'. And a rather vulgar phrase keeps popping up again and again and we don't know what it means.

The phase is 'taking a piss.." and they use it in sentences like "He's taking a piss at us.."
Its a rather crude phrase and i apologize for asking, but not knowing what it means is driving me crazy. thank You.
eiffel tower

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This is an incredibly weird question, but I need someone to make a judgement call for me!

We have this Rubbermaid container full of camping stuff. I pulled it out the other day to grab some stuff and then packed it up. I pulled it out yesterday to grab something else, and I guess when I packed it up the other day, I hit the nozzle of the bug spray or left a bag with citronella coils/candles open. Regardless, the container smells like one of those things. I pulled out some paper plates, which were in their plastic packaging, and they also smell like the bug spray/citronella.

Do you think they're okay to use? They don't have any stains on them or anything because they were wrapped in plastic, they just smell like the bug spray or whatever it was. I think they'll be okay, but I want to see what other people have to say. I know they're cheap to replace, but there are about 100 of them, and I'd rather not waste that much if I can avoid it!

DK/DC: Do you need us to make any kind of judgement call for you today?

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For those of you who have dyed their hair an unnatural color, how do/did you take care of it?

I'm getting the underside of my hair dyed hot/bright pink on Thursday.  I want it to last as long as possible.  I'm used to washing my hair every day in the morning.  I've tried dry shampoos but I haven't been very happy with them.  But they were also cheap ones like Herbal Essences.

If you can recommend a good dry shampoo, that'd be great.  I know that when you do wash, you should use as cool of water as you can stand.  Anything else?