July 20th, 2014

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I just got the galaxy s5. With group messaging, it makes me click download. Because of this, I don't get notified when someone starts a group text with me and don't notice it until significantly later. How do I make group messages automatic without this download crap? Google just gave me answers about group messaging not working altogether.

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What's the last disaster your pets caused?

I woke up this morning to my cat Isabelle yowling from the living room. A second later I heard a loud crash and glass breaking. I came out and saw that she had knocked down the painting my mom did of our kitty that passed away before we got Isabelle.

So much glass everywhere!
Coke can

Instagram search

Google has failed me, so I turn to thee.

Is there any way to search by username AND hashtag?
I have found lots of options for searching for username or hashtag, but I want to do both.
Specifically, I want to look up all the photos under the username mindy_cherry that are tagged with #100happydays

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I'm wondering whether I am suffering from depression or some type of disorder? Many days, I have a feeling of anxiety in the pit of my stomach and feel tired/run-down. This feeling goes away when I'm able to sleep in (sleep 8+ hours), otherwise I might sleep 6-7 hours. I've had bouts of depression before, so can ignore the anxiety and go about my day. I'm guessing that either I am depressed and have a harder time in repressing the negative effects when I haven't slept in. Does anybody have a similar experience?

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My google skills are failing me. My tv, which is fairly new, is doing weird things with the volume. It is normal with my wii, but when I am trying to watch cable, the volume is up to 100 and I can hardly hear it. Is it something wrong with my cable box? I looked on my cable box and didn't see any volume buttons on it. Should I contact my cable company?

Bring Fido!

If you have a dog, do you travel with your dog? Bring it along when camping? How about to hotels? Relatives' homes?

If you don't own or travel with a dog, how do you feel about being in a hotel room next to a dog?