July 19th, 2014


The Care and Keeping of Cooked Rice

What do you do with extra rice you've forgotten to fridge/freeze? How much of a grace period do you give yourselves before deciding "it's no good."?

Yesterday my boyfriend made a big pot of basmati rice for dinner, but we accidentally left it out overnight. I was okay with bagging it and freezing/fridging it this morning anyway; the boyfriend wouldn't hear of it and so we threw it out. There's stuff all over the Internet about leaving cooked rice out and food poisoning but I want to know what normal people do. Like the Internet will tell you RAW EGGS GIVE YOU SALMONELLA but I grew up sampling the raw cookie dough at Christmastime and came out none the worse for it.

DK/DC/ew you're gross: what is your favorite kind of rice? I like the fluffy japonica sushi rice, especially when prepared with a bit of vinegar. Soft and chewy and the vinegar adds some nice savoriness to it. It goes really well with Indian curries, IMO. (Or maybe our curry sauces need a dash of vinegar.)

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So I am having an issue at work and I have no idea what to do about it. Here's the problem

Recently the bosses at my current work place have switched job positions in the work place. My boss was one of the bosses who had to switch there jobs.
Now, every time I have worked with him he simply ingores me. Most of the lods do walks every 2 hours to see how things are going around the store. He does none when I am there. He will not even talk to me over walkie when I need him but he does to anyone else. When I see him around the work place when it is just him being the boss and me being an employee he ingores me it is like I don't even exist inside the work place while it is just him being boss and when the other bosses are not there.

Should I point this out to him?
Should I go stright to higer managment?
should I just not do anything and just leave the situation be and see if things get any better?

I work with him monday night when he is just only the boss. He will be over by me most of the night. Should I see how things go then? If he is still an ass should I proceed to eaither question one or 2?
green twain

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In 1967 I went to Kindergarten in Toledo Ohio. In 2007 on a roof in Kabul I met a guy who went to the same school at the same time in the same grade. How freaky Is that? Do you have any similar incidences from your past?



pictures of kids

When family/friends send you hard copy photos of their kids, like studio portraits, school pictures etc., what do you do with them, especially if they're bigger than wallet size? Do you display them? Put them away somewhere? Not keep them?

Parent-Child conversations

I had a conversation with my son recently. I told him "If a cop says to you "You have the right to an attorney" you need to immediately say "I want an attorney". You need to stick to saying that and not saying anything else until they bring a lawyer.

Did your parents ever have a conversation like that with you? If you are a parent, did you ever have a conversation like that with your kid?

Do you think this is a good conversation to have?

Beast mode!

12 years old!!

Wow, TQC has a birthday today! Decided to drop in and give it some love!

So, hi, how has your week been?
What's the best thing that's happened to you so far this month?
The worst thing?
What were you doing 12 years ago today?
What are you doing to keep yourself busy these day?