July 18th, 2014

Guest in the Garden

We've acquired a large hedgehog in our back garden, but we have cats. Should we try and remove the hedgehog or let him roam? Also, if we should keep him, do you think it would be okay to feed and water him?


When you've had it with the world due to an astounding level of incompetence, stupidity, and/or immorality, what do you do to calm yourself and cool down? Serious and non-serious answers welcome.
Older Than Dirt

Oh dear oh dear

Have you ever tried to reply to someone who has privacy settings on their LJ email acct? How about people who don't give you a good email address to reply to? What's your favorite way to get around that?

Obviously my favorite way is to post in the comm and shame them in front of everyone (I'm looking at you, firesidedog). What's yours?
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Talk me down?

I just noticed a small (about half a centimeter) pink spot right near the base of my dog's throat. It seems relatively flat, but slightly cyst-y if I poke a little (I didn't and won't squeeze or poke too hard). I don't think it's bothering him? He's not scratching his neck anymore than usual, and hasn't too recently. He's about two and a half.

He needs a shot, so we were planning a vet trip anyway, so we'll probably take him in around Tuesday. However, before then, could you please reassure me that this could be nothing? Please no horror stories, just potential good things. Please only tell me no big deal things it could be.