July 17th, 2014

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Which of these would be worse?

A roommate who regularly forgets to flush the toilet
A roommate who regularly forgets to lock the door

Which would be worse?

A neighbor who regularly has sex with the windows open
A roommate who regularly takes a crap with the bathroom door open
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Does anyone feel nauseous after they eat flour tortilla? I know this is a specific item but it's really the only thing I can think of that makes me feel nauseous after eating a flour ingredient food. I'm not allergic to flour because I don't feel sick after eating anything else that has it as an ingredient, but there must be something in flour tortilla that I can't handle too much of.  

Anyone else have this experience or anything that could guide me to what it is that is making me feel a little sick after consumption?

god bless the world

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I am an Etsy seller and I want to branch out and build my own website, for a bunch of reasons, but mainly because their selling policies are so restrictive and I'm tired of handing over fees.

Is anyone else a handmade seller?

What are the best, most affordable websites hosting/building site for handmade sellers?

Any other advice?


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I asked a while ago about holidaying alone. In the end I found a friend to go to Sardinia with and almost have everything organised. But I need some more help making decisions.

I want to leave Alghero (Sardinia) on the Friday morning. I need to be in Frankfurt on Monday or Tuesday. Which would you do?

Option A: Fly straight to Frankfurt Hahn. Flight costs almost 100 euros, then there is a 2 hour bus to Frankfurt itself for 15 euros. Have a weekend totally free in an empty house with probably no friends around.

Option B: Fly to Bologna. Flight costs around 50 euros. Spend the weekend slowly getting back to Frankfurt (at the moment I've got stops at Verona, Innsbruck and Munich). This would cost around 120 euros in bus and train tickets, plus hostels etc. Lots of cool places but in quite a short time and lots to organise.

Option C: Something else! Any suggestions welcome.

I've been researching like mad but I still can't decide.

DK/DC: Any annoying little thing you'd like to get off your chest?
I got a blister from a rope on my hand and it hurts a bit but not enough to actually make a fuss about!