July 16th, 2014

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A few days ago, I stumbled upon a thread that said that Elsa (from Frozen) was obviously supposed to be Queer. Does this make sense to anybody else who has seen the movie?

Don't know, don't care, wearing your mom's old underwear: are you an adventurous eater? What do you think about neurotypical adults who make faces when offered foods they don't like or that seem foreign to them?

Do any of you speak Finance?

What the hell does this mean? A man named Secchia is contributing $3,000,000 to a city to improve a park, but he isn't simply handing over the cash.

The $3 million is being given as a private placement bond issue to the Secchia Family Limited Partnership with Kent County covering the annual interest payments for a maximum for five years. At the current rate, Kent County will pay about $43,500 a year on the bond.

County Board Chair Dan Koorndyk praised the gift, saying, "For a minimal investment, the county will receive immediate access to $3 million it does not need to pay back.
Source: http://www.mlive.com/walker/index.ssf/2014/07/peter_secchia_familys_3_millio.html

I understand what a bond is, but I have no idea what a private placement bond issue is or why the county has to pay income on the gift they are receiving, or when they can spend the money. Do any of you speak finance?

god bless the world

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We have a new puppy.  I adore her.  She's sweet and everyone loves her.

I'm having a hard time housebreaking her, though.  She's 9 weeks old.  We're crate training.

I'm home most of the day because I work nights and my husband is home most of the night.  She gets a lot of attention.  My problem is that I cannot watch her every moment of every day.  We have her in a crate while we're sleeping, but during the day, I have . . . you know, stuff to do.  Laundry, dishes, floors, beds to make, Etsy orders to fill.  Just stuff.  I don't want to stick her in the crate every time I have to get something done, because it's just too much crate time.

If you have been through this before, my questions are:

How long did it take to house break your puppy?

How did you keep an eye on her every waking second of the day and still get things done?

How frequently would you say she had accidents in the first, say, month of having her in your home?

What tips would you offer a new puppy owner for housebreaking?

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Does anyone else feel anxious/nervous when your family is, for lack of a better way to put it, 'split up'? My husband just left with my almost 2 year old son to go get his birthday gift from Toys R Us while my 6 week daughter and I are at home. I have an anxiety disorder and terrible catastrophic thinking to go along with it, so of course I couldn't help thinking how terrible it would be if something were to happen to them while we were not together. (As if it wouldn't be bad if we were... :P)

Anyway, so I was wondering if anyone else feels this way or if its just another thing related to my anxiety?
(Pleas excuse any typos/how badly worded this is, I am very sleep deprived. :) )