July 14th, 2014



whats your go-to toast? Not like a speech, but a quick one-liner after everyone clinks glasses, but before everyone drinks.
"see you on the other side"
"down the hatch"
"to world peace"

have all been used a LOT in my group of friends and I need a new thing to say.

dk/dc: what is your favorite kind of donut?

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Do you have a memory of something you saw at the movies or on TV that you can't find any evidence of when you go to look for it again (if you look for it on Youtube or via Google, say), and now you wonder if you just imagined it?
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Turning 30....

I turn 30 next month. The closer I get to it the more depressed I get. Mostly because I'm not where I want to be. I've been single my whole life, still a virgin, never been kissed.

So the question is...any one dealt with getting depressed the closer you got to turning 30?

How did you get over it?

Maybe I need to ask how to cope with being single?

One point I had manage to be alright with it, then something brought my hopes up.....now I don't know how to get back to that place where I'm alright with being single.

Also since I'm asking questions. Those here who believe in God. What made you decide to believe that way? How did you get over doubts? and disappointments? What makes him real for you?

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I am 24 and went out 4 times with a 28 year old guy. He hinted that he did not like me and encouraged me to lose weight.
He's a colleague but we're in different offices. He asked me out and did show interest in getting to know me better. Perhaps it was folly on my part but I thought he might be interested in me. So I text him on my own initiative sometimes.

We went out last week and we had a long conversation about relationships, expectations etc. He hinted that he did not like me (saying there was this girl that messaged her etc when he was just referring to me) and that he was seeing someone else. However, he pointed out some stuff (appearance wise) that he did not really like about the girl. And he also said I have a good personality.

He also encouraged me to lose weight so that I'll look more attractive. He knows that I have lost around 40lbs in the past 2 years. I weigh 136lbs (5 foot 4) now so I am not overweight. But as an Asian girl, I do look a little larger and taller than other girls.

So..... I encouraged her to go after the other girl and not to put so much emphasis on appearances. He asked if I felt he was superficial and yeah I said he was. It's understandable but I felt he placed too much emphasis on it.

He even asked me if I liked him. I did not like like him but I did not mind knowing him better. But I believe we can just be aquaintances now. I feel quite foolish but at the same time I'm glad I know where his priorities are. I'll definitely work out to look better for myself, not for him because he is definitely not an option anymore.

It won't be awkward between us.

But..I have questions. Do I go out with guys with no expectations in future(I.e. I should have no expectations that it could mean that he might be interested)? I mean, he was sending mixed signals and perhaps somewhere along the line he decided he was no longer interested and just said that it was a friend asking another friend out for dinner in the first place.

He wasn't mean about it but somehow I still feel affected. I did not have extremely strong feelings about but I did feel quite affected by his comments. Is it normal to be so critical about appearances?

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I have a friend who didn't work during college and instead took out a private loan to cover her living expenses for two years. (I believe she allowed herself a little over 1k a month.) She's suggesting I do the same, since I'll be going to community college for free and there is no part-time option for my particular program.

Has anyone else done this or heard of anyone doing this? Basically just getting a "living expenses only" college loan?
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Job Application/Process

I've been looking for some experience with working with disadvantaged/vulnerable young people as I want to go into that field after uni.

One voluntary place has a series of 'streams' you can view based on how much time you can give, whether you want to train, etc. The information is very vague.

I asked about some more information about two of their programmes and how to apply and they told me to tell me about my experiences, time and what I want to get out of it and they'll see if they can match me up to anything and if they can, then we'll have an informal chat over coffee.

I'm not really sure how to feel about it. I wanted some fairly specific information and quite like a person specification.

How would you reply to this? My university career's advice service advised me not to be too specific when sending general requests off (e.g., to a school).

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To the mothers of TQC-

What were some of the most helpful books and/or blogs that you read during your pregnancy?

I just found out I'm pregnant. I'm excited but terrified at the same time!

Ring goes the phone.

TQC - Does anyone have any experience with phone interviews? Are they harder? Easier? Any faux pas to avoid? Any TQC-ers who ever held a loss prevention job? If so, what should I expect (if I were to get the job) and any helpful advice?

Reason: Last night I applied for a loss prevention job at Macy's and heard back this afternoon. They had me schedule a phone interview which is on Thursday (they had times on Tuesday but I work all day and I'm more than positive I wouldn't be allowed to abandon my post to have an interview in the middle of the store) and in the afternoon. I have never, ever had an interview over the phone. Any interviews I've ever had where in person (I don't think I am bad interviewer since I've always at least gotten the option of a second interview or whatever position I've interviewed for (or good grades when done in my senior seminar class) and I have no idea what to expect.

Thanks again.