July 13th, 2014


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what's the last food you made that you were proud of?

tonight I made a white cake with cream cheese frosting, all from scratch, for my boyfriend's birthday. I rarely bake anymore so I was glad it came out delicious.

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when israel succeeds in their plan of wiping out all the palestinians in that area do you think they'll stop? or will they continue to attack surrounding countries to expand their land? i am expecting them to keep bombing people forever :(

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We are adopting a baby that was born Monday (we were in the room for the csection and have had the baby since.)

While we wait for clearance to go back to our home state (living in a hotel right now with a newborn) can you link me to sites that are entertaining to read on my phone and arent video based? I forgot to bring books.

Best piece of parenting advice for a new mom? Srs/non srs.

Also: wtf? This happens?

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Have you ever done an indiegogo campaign?  Which funding option did you choose?  What perks did you offer?  I'm trying to do a campaign right now to the family dog heartworm treatment and am having trouble figuring out which funding to choose and what perks to offer.
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second job

hey TQC! i've been looking for ways to earn a little extra cash lately, but they've all left me mightily underwhelmed...until last night when i was invited to apply to be a shooter girl at a local strip club. i stay fully clothed and it's all about the flirt/hustle. has anyone here ever done that before? i already fool around like that at the dive bars i go to...the idea that i could get paid for it seems pretty awesome! what downsides am i missing?

dk/dc: what's the last non-essential item you purchased?
i got an amazing curling wand on super discount at tj maxx! it actually totally curls my hair and holds, sans hairspray. i am SO excited!!