July 10th, 2014

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What is a popular belief that people hold because it is politically correct but you actually think it's bullshit and everyone is just afraid to admit it?

Be brave.

ETA:  It's very refreshing to see people having respectful, intellgent discussions on hot-button issues.  That's so rare.

ETA:  Spoke too soon.  LOL

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TQC - What is the snarkiest thing you've EVER wanted to say while at work or in some sort of public place when you know saying it would be a horrible idea?

Inspired by a any customer who comes in on Sunday/Christmas Eve/etc and goes off on me for working (usually not because I volunteered for it) and how the store shouldn't be open on those days and yet there they are shopping.

What I want to say to that? "Well, if you didn't want us to be open you and everyone else who tells me this wouldn't be in here spending money."

ETA: How do you handle really obnxious, rude coworkers? Especially ones that have been there for years and have the union wrapped around their finger (along with any manager)? I have a horrible one who has no sense of professionalism or even how to fake being a nice, pleasant human being. (It's one thing to be blunt but professional and another to talk about union matters in front of customers and to have hissy fits in front of them too.)

Relationship woes ...

Personal question for you peoples:

Your living with/common law with a man who has a history of cheating but has not with you in over the year you have been together.

He has a "female" friend who you know (woman's intuition) wants your man, even though she has a man of her own (though she is 33 and he is 53 and has had major heart surgeries).

Your SO goes to their place all the time, without you (you are pretty much not welcomed there because you called her out on her interest, and your SO always tells them your dirty laundry) and it is always a major fight between you and your SO because he doesn't seem to respect your wishes that he not go there.

Now, this girl works in the building your SO works in but he is usually always out ... but when he does come to the office he always drops of little dinky toys and stuff he finds in his moving truck and leaves them on her desk.

Here is my question ... would that bug you? That he does cutesy stuff for her and never does it for you?

I've called him out on this and he claims he wouldn't bring this stuff home to me cause it's falling out of dirty boxes and in the back of dirty moving trucks ... but it still bothers me, would it bug you?

So help me out here, am I over reacting? Or do I have a right to be pissy but mostly hurt he would do this for a woman I can barely stand and not for me?

***EDIT: Let me clear some things up:***

1) I know he has not cheated because we spend 98% of the time together and when he is at "their" house there are others around

2) She has never been rude to me, and she has not out right said I was not welcomed at "their" place. They have sent token invites to me to come over, but when you know people have sat and talked shit about you (I over heard this over a phone call) you don't feel welcomed in said persons house - at least I don't.

3) I am happy with him 99.9% of the time, he is my world and he knows this. But when he insists on going there and hanging out there it drives me mad. I don't get it, the only thing I can see is because she drinks (as does my SO) and I don't ... so maybe I am dull. Either way, other then this situation I am perfectly happy ... it just seems that this situation is starting to dominate our relationship.
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Las Vegas for those who would never really go to Las Vegas

My best friend from high school and I used to joke about going to Las Vegas when we were over 21. Now we are 24 and want to have a reunion in Las Vegas next year just to live up to our teenaged selves promise. It would kind of be a joke. Both of us are left-wing environmentalists who have no interest in gambling or spending a lot of money on drinks, etc; we would be there to see each other again and to have some laughs. I used to go to Las Vegas a lot when I was a little kid because my grandparents used to live there, and my mom and I would hike around Red Rocks, go the arcades, and see some shows. Besides that, what are some things you would recommend doing in Las Vegas that has nothing really to do with what Las Vegas is typically "about"?

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Who is the stupidest character in the The Bible?


[click for my answer]

My nomination: Samson.
Delilah: Tell me the secret of your great strength and how you can be tied up and subdued.
Samson: If anyone ties me with seven fresh bowstrings that have not been dried, I’ll become as weak as any other man.
Delilah ties him with seven fresh bowstrings, and he breaks loose.
Samson: JK. LOL.
Delilah: Seriously, how can my people capture you?
Samson: If anyone ties me securely with new ropes that have never been used, I’ll become as weak as any other man.
Delilah attempts betrayal again. Samson breaks loose again.
Samson: Fool me once, shame on ... shame on you. Fool me... You can't get fooled again!'
Delilah: Dude, I'm starting to get pissed off now. The plan is for me to tie you up in a way you can't break out of so I can call in the militia and they can gouge out your eyes.
Samson: LOL. If my head were shaved, my strength would leave me, and I would become as weak as any other man.
Delilah: Well, okay, I'll try it that way.
Delilah shaves his head, ties him up, calls in the militia, and they gouge out his eyes, among other indignities.
Samson: Oh well. Now I will become the biblical equivalent of a suicide bomber. LOL.
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Cancer Miracle Cures, Friendship etc


I have kind of a complicated question/series of questions.
Longwinded post ahead!
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TL;DR: My friend has advanced stage cancer from which there is no recovery but her friends are posting that if she tries xyz unproven medical cure she will be healed. I think it’s rude, what should I do?
What do you think? Have you ever been in a situation in which you were around someone with cancer and their friends were pestering them with the “try this and your cancer will be healed!” bullshit?
Thanks everyone!
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Chandler & The Drill

Early Christmas Presents?

I have:

a) A nephew: twenty-one, intelligent, academic, geeky, a naturalist (I mean he’s working in natural history) and mature for his age.
b) A younger nephew: sixteen, intelligent, outgoing, sporty-ish, likes gaming.
c) A godchild: Smart, sensible, five years old, likes pretty pink things.
d) An older sister of my godchild: eight years old, confident, outspoken, likes One Direction, slightly old for her age.

The sixteen-year-old nephew isn’t really a problem as I’ve always given my nephews money for presents, so this Christmas I’ll give younger nephew money as usual.

I need ideas as to what to give my older nephew and what to give both my godchild and her older sister. As I’m planning ahead, I can afford to spend about £30 on each of them. Can you give me any ideas?

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A new or current SO of yours develops/reveals some peculiar quirks. Which of the following would you be willing to deal with? Anything not checked = potential relationship dealbreakers

Really hates any kind of kissing. Any other kind of physical contact is fine.
Insists that you both shower and brush teeth every time before any kind of sexy times
REALLY into illicit sex in public places
Has a pet name for their genitals
Needs a soundtrack during sex
Has a smurf tattooed onto their genitals
Only likes having sex with you both under the covers, the way people do on network tv shows
Very interested in having threesomes on a regular basis
Rambles about random non-related subjects during sex