July 8th, 2014

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There is an ashram not far from where I live that does silent retreats.  I have a Hindu acquaintance who just got back from one.  When I asked him what it was like to not talk (like, AT ALL) for a week, he told me several interesting things:

-That being silent actually seems to "shut off" the language center of your brain and "turn on" or "awaken" other parts.  The tendency is to think within the constraints of your language, which strongly color your persepective, and when you silence it, it "opens you up.".

--That mediations and dreams are made more intense when the "clutter and noise" of speech is cleared.

-That being silent with others develops an almost "telepathic" (his word, not mine) sense of communication among them.  I assumed he meant that you are forced to heighten your awareness of other social cues like facial expressions and body language.  But when I asked him if this is what he was trying to convey, he said no, literally he felt like he could "hear" their thoughts, even while lying awake at night in the open dorms

Assuming you were in an environment where it could be done practically, would you ever consider taking a vow of silence temporarily?  Either for spiritual reasons, or simply as an experiment?

What is the longest you've ever been silent?  Written communication counts.

How do you think you would be effected by a significant time in silence?

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Live performances

So, I was thinking of how Peter Frampton's big "hits" are so much better on his album "Frampton Comes Alive" than they ever were on their original albums (harder hitting, more confident, more dynamic, fun, and ear catching - in fact, these live versions are what finally charted and became hits when the original versions failed to do so.) So, my question is: are there any other bands/songs you can think of that experienced a similar thing: a song (or even the band itself) that went relatively unnoticed upon initial release only to find greater success through a live performance?
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Paging Dr. TQC.

Hi everyone!

I have a medical question and my Google skills are not coming up with much.

Lately I've been having this weird thing when I'm waking up or falling asleep where I'm in this kind of half-way point of consciousness and I feel my eyeballs twitching from side to side in a rapid pace, over and over again. This has also kind of woken me out of dreams where, in the dream, I notice something is repeating over and over again to the beat of the twitch and I half-wake up and feel my eyeballs moving in a rapid pace back and forth.

Have any of you ever experienced something like this? It's so weird and kind of makes me feel like I'm having some weird seizure, but I wake up fine! I've heard of sleep paralysis, but I don't think this is the same thing.

DK/DC - What's the weirdest thing involving sleep you've ever experienced?

Greatest marketing ploy or doomsday cult?

So today (July 8th) came out the first album of the band Starset. Their song "My Demons" has been playing on WMMS pretty much non stop for the past month or so. The band itself, however, is a bit more than just a rock music group.

They are a part of what's called The Starset Society that is trying to recruit people to spread The Message", which according to them is a transmission they received from the future about the fall of mankind.

They assure us that this is not a joke. Their band site: http://www.starsetonline.com/

"MISSION: We have been commissioned by The Starset Society to spread broad awareness of The Message through music and media. The Message contains the knowledge necessary to spare the future of humanity, and we will do whatever we must to inform the public. Please hold. STARSET will begin the TRANSMISSION of the Message to the public shortly."

The organization's page is here: http://thestarsetsociety.org/

From the website, the society is "dedicated to publicizing scientific discoveries which have been silenced or otherwise stolen by public or private agents".

Their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/thestarsetsociety

They have come out with an album (which is fantastic by the way), and a comic to depict what is within the transmission. Both are available free here: http://razorandtie.net/starset/

So, what do you guys think, greatest marketing ploy or doomsday cult? I honestly can't tell if they're being serious or if it's all made up to hype up the band. o_0
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I'm leaving tomorrow for a two week trip in and around the Philadelphia and Boston areas. Obviously, I've read that there's humidity and thunderstorms going around. How should I pack for this? Lots of tank tops? Anything else? I want to try to keep it to a week's worth of clothes, since I can do laundry.

Basically, what am I forgetting?

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I have a shelter dog that I adopted in February. When I brought him home for the first time, he pooped in the house once, but since then has never had an accident and seems well house-trained (he will go up to the door and scratch it when he needs to go out).

However, the few times we've brought him inside other people's houses, he gets excited and will end up either peeing or pooping on the floor. Luckily, in all cases, he did it on a hard floor and not the carpet, so it was easy to clean (and in the homes of dog-loving relatives, so nobody was exceptionally mad about it). Still, this is a problem that really needs to be fixed, because I want to be able to take him places and not worry that he's going to soil the house.

Since he doesn't have this problem in our house, I'm confused as to how to approach it. How do I teach him to be potty trained in other indoor spaces?

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I'm reading a rather thick paperback, 588 pages I think. So the pages are thin.
It fell in the pool on Sunday. I left it outside on my balcony to dry. I just went out there to check on it because a storm is arriving and it's still really damp and the pages are readable but sort of even more flimsy. I have no confidence in the integrity of this book. I want to read it but I'm afraid of further damaging it.

What do I do to dry out this book? Any ideas?


The day before some guy in my building jumped into the pool with his iPhone in his pocket. Whups. It didn't work. I heard him discussing the rice method.

Ever done the rice method? Did it work?
Have you ever jumped into a pool with something important and/or delicate in your pocket?

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I really want to play on Sim Safari (a really old Maxis game) but I am not download/environment savvy.
My brother said something about Vuze, I am on a macbook pro.
How do I get it TQC?

ETA: I may be being really stupid but I googled and googled and couldn't find a working solution.