July 5th, 2014

bernerners in perjermers

Independence Day

How courteous were your neighbors last night? Did your neighbors stop firing fireworks at a reasonable hour? Did your neighbors party loudly or keep things in check? If they were loud, until what time?

If you had inconsiderate/loud/obnoxious neighbors, what kind of revenge would you seek? Serious and non-serious answers welcome.

DK/DC: What kind of neighbor are you? Are you a considerate neighbor or one of the loud ones?


TQC, would you measure the rice in the following recipe, before or after cooking it? Google didn't help. Looking at similar recipes didn't help either. I lean toward measuring BEFORE, but then it doesn't look like it has enough liquid to avoid coming out dry.

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It's hot out! What do you like to drink to help you cool down?

If I am at home it's all about water.
When I go out I like iced cappuccinos! Tim Hortons has the Iced Capp, McDonalds has Iced Frappe and Dairy Queen has the Moolatte. So good!

Are there any foods you find help cool you down?

Cold watermelon always helps me but room temperature? Blah!

DK/DC: Do you have A/C, use a fan, keep windows open? I just got screens for my windows-yay!

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Okay, this is really random but maybe it stuck out to someone else. I think it was a movie. At one point, a character is showing affection for another and reaches out and literally strokes their face in a hilariously creepy way. My mind keeps coming up with a Nicolas Cage character stroking the face of his son, but I think that might be the general atmosphere of the memory and not directly true. Might have been a woman!

But the face stroking! It was just the most hilarious thing. Serious music plays, Serious Nicolas Cage face, reaches out, sloooooooowly drags his fingers down someone's face lovingly. I must find it again.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about?! :)
遊戯王 ☆ thinking of you

Nail polish

Do you like wearing/seeing the same nail polish on both hands and toes? Or do you like it more if it's two different colors?

DC/DK: when's the last time you changed your toothbrush?