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July 4th, 2014

(no subject) [Jul. 4th, 2014|04:19 am]
The Question Club


How do you feel about dating somebody who is secretly dating five other people?
Would you consider this disrespectful?
Do guys do this because they just want to have sex?

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(no subject) [Jul. 4th, 2014|08:59 am]
The Question Club


I have a coworker/friend who just lost her best friend to a violent death. I'm feeling very helpless on how to support her. Anyone have any suggestions?
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honeymoon? more like horrormoon [Jul. 4th, 2014|09:19 pm]
The Question Club


hey TQC, i have a question on behalf of a friend who just got hitched. cabin rental gone horribly wrongCollapse )

i read over the cancellation protection service, and it's all for stuff like military, school stuff, so it wouldn't cover anything. they sound pretty SOL--can you suggest anyway they might be able to get more money back from the busted rental?

DK/DC: do you enjoy fireworks?
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