July 3rd, 2014


Spare ticket

If you had a spare ticket to a concert and wanted to make sure it went to someone who was going to use it (for free) how would you go about giving away?

If you were offered a free ticket by a complete stranger would you be brave enough / how would you go about accepting it without taking a personal risk.

(I have a spare ticket to BST in Hyde Park - today, Thurs headline Arcade Fire and don't want it to go to waste or get scalped/touted).
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tragedy or crime?

Hey TQC, I posted a week or two ago about not understanding how someone could leave their kid in a hot car to die. Apparently, neither did the police because they're charging the dad with murder. People rallied around them, set up petitions and such to have the charges dropped, etc., but they've slowly faded away (the petition is gone completely) as more details have emerged. Things such as:
  • Dad took kiddo to breakfast at Chick fil A that morning. It's a 3 minute drive from that CFA to Dad's office which has the daycare where kiddo stayed.
  • Dad went to his car at lunch and put a bag in the backseat, right next to where his son was.
  • Both the dad and the mom did research on hot car deaths in recent past.

What are your thoughts, TQC? Do those things just make it an even more terrible accident, or do they point to premeditated murder?

DK/DC: What is the last station you created on Pandora or Spotify?

Two job offers...are you kidding me??

Well I just did something really silly.

I've faced 6 months of no job offers and now I am getting ready to move to UW in Seattle to start my full time graduate position, and I have just been offered the two part-time jobs I applied for there. When it rains, it pours.

The first job I got offered 2 days ago, I accepted because I just assumed I wasn't getting the other one since it had been about 2 months since I had heard anything, and I was so used to rejection. The job I just accepted is a one year long, casual part time position working on a career blog and a career fair with the school I will be attending. It's a year long position and fits my outreach work experience.

Then what! 2 days later, I actually DID get the 2nd job. The thing is--this one is a research assistant with a professor doing EXACTLY the kind of academic work I am interested in. It pays $2/hour more than the former, but only goes for 6 months (with the possibility to extend.) It would obviously be way more prestigious, but both are fitting to my interests in different ways. The professor would also be my advisor and help with my classes/thesis prospects.

Since it's only been 2 days since I accepted the job offer, I'm sure it's not too late to back down. I just really don't know how to phrase that.

Looking back, I KNOW I should of waited but what's done is done.

TL/DR: How would you phrase the refusal of a job offer you've already accepted? Would you take program assistant or research assistant? Have any of you had similar situations?

Tip the Bartender!

When you are served by a bartender, do you tip a percentage (how much?) or do you tip a flat amount per drink?

What if it is just a matter of the bartender opening a can and handing it to you? And would it change if it is a can of sodapop or a can of beer?

Are there times and places when you don't tip the bartender?

EDITED TO ADD: I am asking about you (the reader) and how you behave personally, in real life.


(no subject)

1. So lets say one has fancy decorative type doll made partly from ceramic/porcelain type material, that was a gift, and which cracked after falling off of its shelf. Crazy glue it turns out, is not effective for trying to fix it. Does anyone have any suggestions about what kind of glue would be best to use for such an endeavor?

2. If you have data on your phone, how much of it do you have per month? How much data do you actually use?

Soo.... Job type questions

Has anybody ever worked for Lyft? What was it like? The company has decent reviews on Indeed. Unlike the company I currently work for, which has terrible reviews, which are accurate, and I'm desperately trying to get out. I can't tell you about it because they google themselves.

Cleaning type question. The driver's seat in my car is a shade of beige. Or, it used to be. It's kind of grayish now, I think due to about 6 years of me sitting in it while wearing blue jeans. Do you think baking soda and vinegar will do it, as wikihow advises?

Would you like to tell me about the worst job you've ever had?

Party Etiquette

Tomorrow my husband and I are hosting a housewarming party/4th of July Party at our home. This is our first gathering at our house since we bought it (remember the house was filled with mold and termites?). After 6 months of construction, it's ready for a killer party!

We planned this party 2 months ago. We have been working non stop to get everything ready for it....and this morning, my SIL texts me and says she is going to bring a cake to celebrate her mom's birthday at our house since everyone will be there at the gathering (her mom's birthday is 7/5).

This rubbed me the wrong way, since 1. she told me this the day before, 2. it's not a party for her mom, 3. she didn't offer to help or contribute if we made it her mom's party as well.

She's done this twice before, without asking: she had her parents celebrate their 35th anniversary at our engagement party and her mom's birthday at another 4th of July party.

I told her I was sorry, but there are many guests coming who do not know her mom and that this was also the first event we were having at our new home.

Now I feel bad. What do y'all think, TQC? Am I being an a-hole? Is she? Or both of us :(