July 2nd, 2014

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Which of these Fourth of July trios from Zoya should I get? I'm a Zoya hoarder and can't resist a good deal, just can't decide which one to get. http://www.zoya.com/content/category/fourth_of_july.html?mobileovr=0

Also, for any other Zoya lovers out there, if you use the code "threedom" you get three polishes free, just pay shipping.

Now that you know my tendency to splurge on Zoya, what do you typically splurge on?
bernerners in perjermers


What do you think of template thank you notes? By that, I mean what if you received a computer printed mass thank you note that read:

"Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you for joining us in celebrating our wedding and for the gifts we received. Your thoughtfulness and generosity are appreciated.


Would it matter how close you are to the person sending the thank you note? What about the gift sent?

DK/DC: Do you send thank you notes when you receive gifts?

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Any suggestions for books on tape?
I want something I can listen to while driving to work :)

dk/dc: What do you do when you don't have internet? I've been without the last few days and I hardly noticed until last night when I wanted to watch netflix.