July 1st, 2014


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I live in an apartment with no A/C and no screens on the windows-it is hot.
Who should pay for screens on the windows-the tenant or the land lord?

It's not like I would take them when I leave and whoever lives there next will enjoy them as well so I figure they should pay. I opened my window for about five minutes and have killed at least 10 mosquitoes and still they are here. Ugh.

DK/DC-What is the weather like where you are?

First wedding anniversary and Religious schools

I have 2 questions:

1. July 22nd is our first wedding anniversary. We're currently on holiday in Sicily, and have splashed out on expensive treats like scuba diving, so want to keep our anniversary in England fairly low cost, but special. Any suggestions?

2. I'm currently a supply teacher, and whilst I absolutely love it, I do want to finish my NQT year, which means I need to take a permanent position on for at least a term (I've already completed 2 terms previously).

A school has shown interest in taking me on for that term, and whilst I know the school well and enjoyed working there on the days I have covered, I'm unsure because it is a catholic school and I am an atheist lesbian. I feel that the Catholic Church's condemning views of my sexuality is going to be very difficult for me to overcome, especially as I would feel that I would be indoctrinating more children into the faith that hates me.

But it's only for one term, and my wife says that if I didn't do it, someone else would anyway, so it might as well be someone like me who won't be as strictly catholic as another may be. What would you do?


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Have you ever had to terminate a friendship with someone you were close with based on they were dating someone who changed them for the worst?

My best friend has since become distant and otherwise not a very good friend since she started dating her boyfriend a year ago. A lot of other friends and suggesting I let the friendship go but I still see her as my best friend so it's just a confusing situation.

A most recent incident: I had invited a couple friends to my cottage for the day yesterday, she told me prior to arriving that they would like to fish when they come. When they arrived, they basically said their quick hello's and immediately took off to go fish (not even stating where they planned on going). The entire time they visited they were off alone and not even attempting to talk with or hang out with the rest of us. Basically the only times we saw or talked to them was when they came and said hello, when I went to go look for them to see where they went fishing and when they came to say goodbye.
Additionally, the attempts I made to include them were "politely" rejected.
She has NEVER been this way, which is why I attest it to her boyfriend. I know he's also possessive and a little antisocial...

What would you do in this situation?

San Fransico Bound!

I'm going on my first trip EVER to California tomorrow for my boyfriend's business trip. We'll be staying in San Fransisco, and there's one day that I have all to myself while he's in meetings, and I need suggestions of things to do! We already have a tour planned for Alcatraz together, so I don't need to do that.

Where should I eat (I'm not picky; I like pretty much everything!) and what should I do?

Have you ever been to San Fran? What was your favorite thing?

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Poll #1973924 Summer Reading Poll

If you have a local library, does it have a summer reading program?


Who's it for?

Just kids
Kids and teens
All ages

If you were going to sign up, how many books would you set as a goal? (If you don't have one, assume it runs 6 weeks.)

Would you sign up for a summer reading program that didn't offer prizes?

Of course!
No way!

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what's the last small or insignificant thing that set you off?

I had a very long, stressful day with a lot on my mind, and at dinner tonight I spilled an entirely full 2 liter of soda. then I started crying, lol :\