June 23rd, 2014

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fashion help?

Hey TQC, I'm the maid of honor in a wedding this weekend (EEK!) and I still don't have shoes. I'm the only attendant, so I don't have to match anyone, but I have no idea what's appropriate! I'm wearing this dress. Her colors are navy and silver, so should I do a silver shoe?

Please take pity on the fashion clueless!

DK/DC/I am also fashion challenged: What is your favorite dessert?

EDIT! also! Another wedding-y question: I was tasked with decorating their car as they leave the reception...I picked out several things from pinterest, but she's concerned they will fall off as they drive away. Every wedding I've attended has done basically a soft leaving...where the bride and groom are sent off, but just circle round and have the decorations taken off. She said she would check with the photographer, but that she didn't think that would be happening.

So, what did you do for your wedding/weddings you attended? How was the car decorated?

(no subject)

I am a 44F cup and normally I only wear the Lane Bryant smooth balconette bras, they are amazing.

The closest store is nearly two hours away and the underwire just popped on my last one, I wont have time to go before my next session on Wednesday where I need to look nice.

Can anyone tell me if I am likely to find 44F bras worth a damn at JCPenney or if they sell "fat people" clothing in general before I go in there looking like a fucking moron?

I hate shopping for clothing .

What do you hate?


Breakfast Emergency

So, I've been searching for a good marmalade for years, and a couple years ago I found one and stocked up while it was on sale. My problem, I'm down to my last jar, I haven't seen it on sale since, and its normally about $6.

So, can anyone recommend a marmalade similar to Keiller & Son Dundee brand, but that's a bit cheaper? One with options other than just orange would be ideal, but I'll settle for a good orange one. I'm in the northeastern US if it makes a difference.
Chandler & The Drill

Languages, also Requiems

How many languages do you speak?
Are you trying to learn any other languages at the moment? If so, are you going for written, spoken, or both?
If you could suddenly be gifted with fluency in any language, which would it be?

- One
- Spanish and French. Not doing well, I'm not very good at languages. Only going for spoken at the moment.
- Spanish

What are your favourite Requiems?

1) Mozart
2) Rutter
3) Fauré

Can you recommend any other good ones?