June 21st, 2014

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Work v. Offtime

Ok, so most people agreed in my last post about smoking that people should be free to do as they please during their non-work time. Do you think that people in ALL professions should be entitled to a separation of work and non-work? What about teachers? What about religious leaders? What about police officers or fire fighters? Does the nature of the job and the non-work conduct matter or do you believe that people are entitled to act out however they please during non-work hours as long as job performance is stellar? Are there any things you can think of that people do in their personal lives that should impact their careers? Should teachers be allowed to sleep with parents outside of school time without ramifications? Should religious leaders be entitled to hire prostitutes or something without it coming back to bite them? What about police officers who smoke pot or fire fighters who let kids play with fireworks? Share your thoughts.

Edit: I've edited to take out anything illegal. Prostitution and pot use are both legal in different areas.
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Are you in fact, an autodidact?

Have you ever taught yourself how to do something without a formal education?

What was it? Why did you study it? Has it ever come in handy?

Because it turns out people like Ray Bradbury, and David Bowie, never got any degree for the skills they are considered most famous for either!

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I just purchased this dress from Macy's today:


I'm wearing it to my sister-in-law's wedding this July. It's a relatively casual wedding.

How would you accessorize this dress?


I'm usually fine doing this fashion-y stuff on my own, but I'm trying to get some new ideas.

Jillian Bell

TQC, I saw 22 Jump Street last night and have developed a massive girlcrush on Jillian Bell. But, I feel like I've seen her in something before and I can't put my finger on what it is. I don't think it was any of her tv or movie work and I feel like it was a commercial, possibly for a cell phone family plan or something. Does anyone know what I'm thinking of? It is not this.
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There is a lawsuit going right now in Chicago, just an hour from me and a parent is suing the school/school board over her kid being relentlessly bullied over a long period of time, she even has police reports and the school failed to act still ( kid still getting bullied). I think this parent is awesome and maybe this will make schools actually DO something to STOP bullying. What do you guys think, TQC?


online dating

I am considering using a dating app. Has anyone used a dating service? Online or in real life? What was your experience like? Do it or not? I am 32 and would be using a lesbian dating app if that makes a difference. Let me know please.