June 20th, 2014

Happy Little Jesus

Smoke Free Zone

I saw an article about a hospital that will no longer hire smokers. I'll post a link down below. What do you think of the idea of banning smokers from being hired in hospitals? What other fields do you think should ban smokers from being hired if any?

Edit: The argument has been made that those who work in healthcare should live a healthy lifestyle and set an example. Do you think other unhealthy lifestyles (like obesity, alcohol consumption, etc.) should be used to determine if someone should be hired in healthcare?

Link: http://foxbaltimore.com/news/features/top-stories/stories/maryland-hospital-stop-hiring-smokers-29107.shtml?app_data=%7B%22pi%22%3A%2253a41ce3fee426df6100001b%22%2C%22pt%22%3A%22wall%22%7D#.U6RU31WzKph

DK/DC: Are you a smoker?

Crazy clothing sizes

I just finished putting away my fiance's laundry and noticed he had undershirts from the same brand in sizes S and XL. Both fit him fine. We all know clothing sizes are wacked out, but it got me thinking, what is the largest size discrepancy in your closet (considering things that actually fit you, not things that you just have)? Do you find that you generally wear the same size pretty consistently across stores and garments, or do you have to bring several sizes into the dressing room with you most of the time?

Edit: This morning when I made this post, I didn't really have anything in my own closet that would be relevant to this question. In a weird coincidental turn of events, I went shopping today and ended up buying a swimsuit in size 6, whereas usually I'm lucky if a 0 is small enough. I hope it doesn't stretch out when it gets waterlogged D: 

Catch 22 tech question

So my dad has a Toshiba laptop. He's running Windows 8. Up until recently, Chrome and IE (both were installed) worked fine. Recently, Chrome stopped loading pages - it will open the home page, but any additional pages just say "Connecting..." and never load. I was using IE as a replacement, but that has also developed the same problem, except it won't even load the home page. I can't uninstall and reinstall because I can't access the Internet on either platform (can I?). Any advice?

What kind of food should I get with my dad when he gets home from vacation in an hour?

(no subject)

I am currently on a business trip in Sierra Vista, Arizona. I've never been to Arizona before and I have the weekend to myself. any suggestions on what I should do? People keep telling me to go to Tombstone. should I?

What to do?!?!

My father passed away earlier this evening and I know there is a ton of stuff to do as far as canceling things, and getting death certificates but I was wondering if you could let me know what some possible things I would need to take care of. Thank you.
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My boyfriend is working as a sign-spinner/human directional/human billboard/whatever [wiki if you're confused]. He takes an mp3 player to work with him and I would like to surprise him by putting a work-related mix on there. Can you lot suggest songs for the mix? Basically anything about spinning, waving, signs, etc. would work. He's had Ace of Base's "The Sign" stuck in his head for a week straight, so that's a given, but any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Including songs about working minimum wage jobs that rob you of all dignity and/or any lingering warm feelings toward humanity and/or your top-most layers of skin (we couldn't afford sunscreen his first day; WORST SUNBURN EVER). Thanks in advance.

Also he is working on a zine about his job but still trying to come up with a title. Any suggestions? He likes puns (the more cringe-worthy the pun, the better!).

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