June 16th, 2014

Questions club use

When looking at the questions on here, how far do you typically go back?

Do you read the questions that are longer in length?

What typically causes you to respond?

Do you read the responses other people have posted or just answer the question?

I ask because I don't want to people to be uncomfortable by the fact that I responded to something they posted weeks ago.
Argus on desk

What graduation gift should I give my sister?

My sister just graduated from grad school, and I would like to give her a gift. My budget is ~$250.

My sister is really into fashion, clothes, and shoes, and I am not, so I would not be comfortable picking something for her. She starts her job in a couple of weeks, so she won't be getting paid for a while. She is moving to another city, but she has been living in an apartment for years, so she already has all the basics.

Some of the gifts I'm considering:
  • Some really expensive sunglasses or a purse from her wish list.
  • A gift certificate to her favorite clothing store.
  • A gift card to Target.
  • A Visa or Mastercard gift card.
  • A check for $250.
  • I'm open to other suggestions.

I don't usually like to give money or gift cards because they seem kind of impersonal, but in this situation, it seems like it might be nice for her to have some extra spending money while she's waiting for her first paycheck.

Also, I found an article on how much to spend on a graduation gift, and it said the average gift is $165 for high school, $464 for college, and $772 for grad school. I thought I was being generous with $250, but according to that, I am cheap by a factor of 3! How much would you consider a good gift for each level of school?

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Is colour remover (colour oops etc) less damaging than using straight peroxide?
I used it before and it went organgey blonde but I had bleached my hair within the past year.
This time, I haven't lightened it, so will it go to that orangey colour or to my actual hair colour?

I answered that question myself.
I used semi-permanent colour on it - i've read in a couple of places a colour eraser won't take this out?