June 14th, 2014

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I work at night and sleep during the day. There is a construction project going on next door. All I can hear is the beeping back-up alarm on a back hoe. I just felt the entire bldg. shake.
Oh..and they are Army Engineers and are armed....

What are some things I can do get some SLEEP???

BOURBON- I has none. JSYK

EDIT O MATIC: bldg. shook because it was a 5.4M quake
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Hello Question Club, help me decide on my LJ experience.

I have been using the Dystopia site scheme for 11 years now. Needless to say, I have grown fond of the sidebar navigation along with its blue, orange, and purple colour scheme.

Recently while browsing LJ on my phone, I noticed how smooth and beautiful the mobile version of the site was, I logged on the web version with an alternative account, and played around with the new LJ site scheme - new friends feed, userinfo pages, and everything.

I think I like it? But I am not 100% sure. And once I change to the new site scheme, I will not be able to get Dystopia back ever (as far as I know).

What would The Question Club do? Keep Dystopia, or move on?

Don't know/don't care: What feature would you bring to LJ if you were in control?
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aside from this one, what are some of your favorite active communities on livejournal? I keep coming across interesting-looking communities that have been more or less abandoned.
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Fancy Stuff

Where do you like to shop for nice-ish jewelry?  I need to find a wide necklace to go with my wedding dress and I'm not having much luck.  Curious about browsing pretty much any price range, low or high.