June 13th, 2014

nirvana 12

Unattended children

First off, let me say I am not a parent and my experiences with kids are limited. I have no idea what to do here.

I live in a townhouse complex; 4-5 units per house and about 8 houses. We are on a side street but it is nonetheless the main road for us, is an actual road and connects to a bunch of other roads.

My neighbour has two sons, I judge around 3-5 of age. They play outside a lot which is great, however they constantly play in the middle of the road, don't move and...follow the neighbours home. The younger one follows my car up my driveway and stands under my garage door. I saw him cut off a neighbours truck yesterday to race him home and parked in his driveway. Oh and the parent(s),caregiver is no where.

I worry they will get ran over but I am not sure what to do.

1) talk to the parents.
2) talk to the condo board
3) call the non emergency number to report it
4) ignore it, that is normal kid behavior.

what would you do? Srs and non srs welcome


what are your weekend plans?

what is your favorite song from the 50s?

anyone here play sims 3 and still want to talk about it? it seems like everyone is excited and talking about sims 4, but i wont be switching over so cant join in on the reindeer games. :(

are there any old games you still play regularly?

Fathers' Day

For you fathers out there, are you doing anything special for Fathers' Day?

And for those of you who have fathers, are you doing anything special for your father on Fathers' Day?

(US-centric question, I guess.)

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Do you have first world problems?

I totally do; I have this very hipster one-cup coffee drip filter thingy that my brother gave me for Christmas, and it takes special filter papers which I can't buy locally, I have to order them online, and they have to be sent from Japan, and today I used the last one I own and the new ones I've ordered won't be here for another two weeks, which means that for the next fortnight I have to use different filters which aren't exactly the right ergonomically and aesthetically designed shape. Woe is me.

Also, my toenails need re-painting, as they are chipping, but my fingers currently look awesome; I painted them Tiffany blue, matte with gloss tips. If I take the polish off my toenails it'll fuck up the polish on my fingernails. My life: so hard.

Tell me your tiny problems, TQC.
I'm the head of Vecna!

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I've got a statistics question rolled up in a health question.

A forum conversation I'm reading has the situation of a 73 year old man, in the US, who considers himself near death. US longevity stats say men make it to ~77. But then there are actuarial statistics from Social Security that say a man who is 73 will live another ~12 years. Where does the ~8 year disparity come from? Is it that a person who's already made it to 73 is likely to live longer due to modern medicine? Are they measuring life expectancy differently? What's the deal here?