June 12th, 2014



So a girl and I are carpooling it on a 7 hr road trip next week. Our halfway point is somewhere between Pensacola and Tallahassee, Florida. When we get there it'll be about lunchtime. Anyone know of any awesome places for lunch in either city (town?) or in between? It'd be cool to try something that only the locals know about, or some place that serves something that ought to be on a bucket list or whatnot.
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Boston Transporation

If anyone's in or around the Boston area:

I'm heading up there on Saturday with some family. We're going to do some sightseeing and other things. I know that there's a major project at Government Center, which will really mess up travel.

Getting up won't be such a problem. We're taking the green line D to Park Street, then transferring to the red line. We'll start around there, then work our way up towards the Garden with a few stops along the way (lunch, mainly).

The MBTA site shows where the last inbound stop will be for each green line route, but it doesn't say where trains will start going outbound. Is there a certain station that will pick up D passengers, or will I be fine with getting on at any station?

Please note that I'd probably be heading outbound mid to late-afternoon.

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I am doing the temp work I mentioned earlier in the week, stuffing envelopes.
Somewhere along the line, something went wrong, and there are now duplicates of several of the 1,500 letters to be sent out. I spent most of the day today taking out the duplicates, and it will probably take another day to figure out the rest. I saw the problem about part of the way in, so there are about 500 loose letters which may or may not be duplicates, which also need to be printed on again with the company logo.
Long story short, it's making my brain melt.
My question: Do I do the 3 days I was contracted to and say I can't work next week (as they will inevitably ask me to do to finish everything) or offer to stay longer to finish the mail-out?
I really don't need the money that badly (and don't need any more work after this week) and it's so, so frustrating, but I wouldn't be doing anything else in the time.

Is your facebook name your real name? If not, why not?

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I am making a layered cake for the first time-both parts of the cake have a rounded top-should I be cutting the top off of one to make it level? Or add extra filling on the edges so the top cake will sit straight? Any tips to make sure I cut it straight? Should I use a bread knife?

Also-what should I put in between the two cakes? Jam was suggested and will probably be what I go with because it will be pretty cheap. Alternatively though, what goes between cakes? Icing? Cool whip? Something else?

DK/DC: why is are my fudgesicles the only thing not frozen in my freezer? How are there perfect ice cubes and rock solid frozen chicken but melty fudgesicles?