June 9th, 2014

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TQC, I'm planning on moving in with my SO in the next six to eight weeks. We've both been living at home with our parents up until this point. What advice do you have for us, re: picking a place, actually moving, and getting settled? Any awesome budget-y tips, or co-habitation tips in general?
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If you take any vitamins/supplements, what do you take, when and what for?

I've been stuck in this horrible state of inertia. I'm irritable and unmotivated. It's making me depressed and I totally feel like I'm wasting my life, which is making me super anxious on top of everything else. When this happens to you (if it happens to you) how do you snap out of it?
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Happy Campers

Did you go to camp as a child?
And/or do you send your own children?

If so, were the experiences positive or negative; will you tell us a memory?
Was it summer camp? Or something else?

Did you make your family a lanyard while you were there? Something else?
What valuable skills did you learn?
Chandler & The Drill

Who's the CEO of Xbox?

I've looked it up, and I get Don Mattrick, but his wikipedia page doesn't specifically refer to him as the/a CEO of Xbox. So is he is or isn't he I wonder?

DK/DC What's your proudest gaming moment?

Don't give a crap about gaming: Which part of your flat/house do you detest cleaning the most?
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Who does Buzzfeed think you are?

I realized after a while that I was getting tailored stories on Buzzfeed when I read it on my phone. Buzzfeed seems to think I am from Australia, vegan, living in New York and left-handed. Only one of those is true though!

Do you also read Buzzfeed? What stories do you notice that the algorithm thinks you might like? How accurate is it?