June 6th, 2014


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Do you ever have weird emotional reactions to things?

Sometimes when something too good happens, I get upset and sort of... panic. I found out today that my application was accepted for a house I REALLY wanted and shortly after I became gleeful, I felt horrible and cried. That has since passed and the excitement is growing again. Something similar happened when I got my first job offer. Someone tell me I'm not along in weird ping-pong emotions.

Why is my dog so weird?

He's a rescue dog, was found in park, so who knows what he's gone through, but he's a weird dog. (He definitely was someone's pet because he was housebroken when we got him, and he knew simple commands.) He's, give or take, about 2 1/2 now, and we got him a year ago. He tends to show typically submissive behavior when we pet him, interact with him, but he also loves being with us/near us. For example, his ears often go back or he'll yawn a lot. But he often comes to us, sits with us, and he has to know we'll pet him. Is this just a weird quirk he has? he also doesn't lick at all. In the evening, when he's sleepy, he loves lying on top of our legs or snuggling against our sides. And he gets play aggressive when we do tug of war or fetch. What's up with my dog? Why does he act so submissive?

What weird behaviors or quirks do your pets have?

summer temps

I just got a round of Cipro antibiotics, and I accidentally left them in my car for about 10-15 minutes. They were partially in the sun. It is 92 degrees out. Did I just ruin them, or should they still be okay?

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Dear TQC,

On Monday the WBC is going to protest a local high school because the school hosted a pride day celebration last week. The school and community are planning a counter-protest and I am going to attend.

Should I make a sign? What should it say? (I'm not gay myself, just an ally.)