June 3rd, 2014


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I just finished watching Orange Is The New Black season 1.
I loved it but now I have no show to watch.

What show that's streaming on netflix should I watch next?

What did you think of Orange Is The Black?


My phone is being increasingly unreliable (it keeps crashing and having to shut down). It also has never had enough internal memory (I've got an SD card in it, but most big apps will only save to the phone). I can't install anything useful like email, facebook messenger or whatsapp any more. So I'm looking to get a new phone - any recommendations?

My current phone is a Samsung Galaxy Ace. I like it apart from aforementioned problems, so an android and/or Samsung would be great. I might consider a Windows phone but I find them hard to navigate (my sister and mum have one). A bit more expensive than this phone was is fine, but cheap would be nice :)


Why are there ants all over my kitchen counter?

The kitchen is almost always spotless and my wife just top-to-bottom disinfected the entire thing yesterday, but they're back again. We never leave dishes in the sink, the only food on the counter is a glass covered plate with fudge (and the ants aren't going anywhere near it), they aren't anywhere near our pantry, and we got rid of the sugar bowl after we found it full of ants twice last week. They seem to congregate around the (clean and empty) sink and adjoining counter and behind the coffee pot.

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Mod Question?

Sorry if I'm doing this wrong, I wasn't sure if I should message someone(s) or just ask here so I'm asking here, because someone else might have the same question anyway.  This might help.

I know of a couple of people who really want to join this community.  One of them just joined LJ like, yesterday.  The other one is likely only going to join in order to join this community.

I know there is a 3 month N00B delay before someone can join a group.  Will it be seen as suspicious if these people don't have posts and want to join anyway?  Is there any way around that, or do I need to tell them to suck it up and post pictures of cats for a few months?
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Gift Question

Second post!
First off, I wanted to say thank you for all your suggestions and answers on my first post. This is such an awesome community to be a part of.

Now, on to the questions..

1. What is a good gift for a boy turning one? I need to get a gift for someone's son's Birthday and I have little knowledge of children, especially at such a young age.

2. What is an appropriate gift for a new Father In Law for Father's Day? I ask this because I'm currently staying with my new Husband and his family and would like to do something nice after all his Father has done for us. That being said, it's difficult to pick something for someone other than an immediate family member. Something thoughtful and not too expensive (fund issue).. but what? Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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