June 2nd, 2014

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Has anyone else come off of anti depressants and felt over emotional?

I have recently came off of escitalopram (lexapro) without the advice of my doctor. I was prescribed 10mg twice per day, I went down to 10mg once per day for a week then came off of it completely. I experienced brain zaps for about a month, thankfully they seem to have disappeared. However, now I feel over emotional - not low in mood, but I feel like crying at absolutely everything and I feel that my emotions are more sensitive than they were previously.
Has this happened to anyone else? Is it permanent?
Further info: first time off of some variant of anti depressant since 2004.

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Where did you meet MOST of your friends?

At school.
At work.
Through clubs or mutual interests.
Through mutual friends.
Through a boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other.
Through family.

Of your former friendships, how did the last one end?

One of us moved out of state or far away.
One of us changed jobs or schools.
I believe he/she made a conscious effort to distance him/herself from me, but did not confront me directly
.I made a conscious effort to distance myself from him/her, but did not confront them directly.
We got in an epic fight and never spoke again.
We drifted apart slowly over time. There was no definite end.

How recent are MOST of your current friendships?

Most of my friends were made in the last year.
Most of my friends were made in the last two years.
Most of my friends were made in the last five years.
Most of my friends were made at least five years ago.
Most of my friends were made in childhood/early aduithood.
I have no close friends right now.

Can biologically unrelated siblings from a blended family legally marry each other?

I’ve googled this and failed to find the answer.
Say you have a blended family where both parents have children from previous marriages. These children, therefore, are in no way biologically related to each other. Then, eventually, two of them wish to get married to each other.

My SO says that it’s not legal because they’re considered siblings under the law and even though they are biologically unrelated, “the law trumps biology”.
Is he right?
If he is, what do you think - SHOULD siblings be able to marry under these circumstances?

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Have you ever been on an acne med routine? What kind of acne did/do you have? Did you use prescriptions or OTC? How long did it take to work?

[My answer]About a week ago I posted here about getting a tattoo. A day or so later, I realized that I should probably get the acne on my back cleared up before being repeatedly jabbed by needles there. I have been seeing a dermatologist, but I wasn't the best about keeping up with the meds. Since the tattoo idea, though, I've been on it. I am currently on Minocin, an oral antibiotic. I also use Aczone (dapsone) in the morning and Differin (adapalene) and Benzoyl peroxide 5% / Clindamycin 1% gel at night. It's been about a week and a half since I've been faithfully using the meds, and there has been some slight improvement, which is exciting. I have a follow-up appointment end of June, and I'm going to ask about what she thinks of getting a tattoo/if I should wait longer. (Also find out which meds I can/can't use after because of bleaching issues.)