June 1st, 2014


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I am going camping for the first time ever in my adult life at the end of June.  It will be me and 3 or 4 other adults.

Somehow, I got put in charge of meals.  I have no idea how this happened.

We're going to be there for 2 days.

What are some camping-friendly hot meals I can make for breakfast and dinner?  The more prep work I can do ahead of time, the better.

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My dog is getting on in years and I know she has less than 5 years left.
She's the first dog I've ever had and she has been my dog for over a decade
How can I deal with the grief when she passes?
How did you deal with the death of the first pet you ever owned?

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Yesterday I was attacked on the street by a crazy person who punched me in the forehead, leaving a big lump. The police asked me to go in today to have it photographed because bruises (which take time to develop) photograph better than bumps. The bruise still hasn't really developed; should I go in anyway, or call them to postpone until tomorrow or Tuesday to give it a chance to get really colourful?
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Online dating advice

Hey Guys

So I've recently entered the realm of online dating. I have had a lot of replies in the past week, more than I can keep up with. But there is one guy that seems right up my alley, and I'm focusing more on him than the rest. Partly because he was one of the first to reach out. I realise it's stupid to put all your eggs in one basket - i.e. what if we go on a date and its a bust? But I don't have the time or the personality to flirt with multiple guys online. I'm a one man at a time kinda girl lol.

But the other guys since guy #1 seem decent and interesting also. I don't want to stuff them around, but I don't want them to think I'm not interested. Should I just get over my scruples and talk to as many guys as possible (which sounds exhausting tbh)? Or take the one-by-one approach (slow and possibly self-defeating)?

I would love to hear what works for those of you that use the internet to find ~love. Tips/advice/stories welcome (God knows at this stage I'm not comfortable talking to my friends about it. The stigma is real!)
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People Who Hire Others or Know about Hiring Employees:

I'm looking to apply to a job which says you can apply in person, online or through fax. Is it better to send my resume/application online where it will go directly to who is hiring/giving the first look-over of resumes, or in person where there will hopefully be a face to the application but will first get handled by somebody who likely isn't involved in hiring?

OR would it be out of line to come with my resume/application to the location and ask for the person in charge of hiring to give it directly to them?

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For those that are single and do online dating - What sites have you used that work?
I'm using Okcupid and POF right now. Any other good free sites as well?
Or Should I go the paying route?
I dont do bar scenes and it's hard to meet people with the type of job that I do. So I guess any other options besides online dating sites might be helpful.