May 31st, 2014

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How does mater Katy leave work where you live? What does your job offer? In what state or province are you?

Ex: my province (actually the whole country I think) offers employment insurance for a year (55 percent of your pay to a max of 800 some every two weeks) plus my job tops me up to 100 percent for 2 months.

IVF, outdoor furniture

1. This is a real life situation with a real life statement that made me think. Pretend you will be going through IVF shortly. You are doing genetic testing as to prevent having genetic diseases. Because you are doing that, you could TECHNICALLY choose if you wanted to implant a boy or a girl. a) Would you choose the gender?  A person said to me 'Well, I personally would choose to have girls because there's a higher incidence of autism with boys. b) Would this statement change your mind?

2. Where is your outdoor furniture from? Do you like it? Why is it so fucking expensive? We are looking for a dining set to fit ~8 people, and then we are also looking for a sectional couch-type-thing. We don't have a problem with paying more to get something quality (we don't want to buy again for a looooooong time) but daaaang it's more than indoor furniture costs!

HR Issues

As I mentioned long time ago, I was on bed rest for hypertension while pregnant and put on short term disability. During that time I received almost daily calls from co-workers asking questions they could have looked for the answers to themselves. I went to my boss, then his boss then HR about how I could not take calls while on bed rest. My health, and that of my child was at stake if I couldn't keep my stress down.

Fast forward and  I am on mat leave with my 4m old. I just found out that my HR/VP/ or boss or all of them told one of my co-workers that I ratted them out (she's super sweet and I love her, but she was an example of one of several people who called for stuff that i had already provided access to the answers before I left. I was more complaining about the one guy who called 6 times in 1 day, even in the evening).  Apparently it's why only one co-worker (the one who is telling me this and is one who left recently) was the only one who came to my shower. Everyone else was talking shit about me.

Now I know I'll be going back to work with people who are rats and people who hate me.

Obviously I can't trust my HR. So TQC do you do or say anything?

DK/DC What's your plans for the weekend? 
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When was the last time you posted to a comm when you were supposed to post to your own private journal?
I did just now but caught it in time. Oops!

What other late night dumb stuff have you ever done?
Gargoyle Eye

Audio Books

What are your favorite audio books?  As in books that were probably pretty good anyway, but were really enhanced by the reading.  I'd especially love non-fiction recommendations!

Ever faced noise complaints?

My dad and I have been getting noise complaints from our neighbour for a while now. The police have already come to our house twice: once when I was alone (between 6-8 in the evening), and the second time was when we had a family Christmas party (it wasn’t even midnight when they came).

My dad had spoken to the husband, and from what I gather it is the wife who is having the issue. I’ve never met her in person, and my dad sees the husband much more than the wife. My dad also spoke with our neighbour on the other side of our house, and they say that we don’t make any noise that would merit a call to the police.

I’m not sure how this woman can hear us. We live in detached houses that are less than 3 years old. The stereo is never at full capacity; I make sure that the bass and tremble are at 0, and the volume is at less than 50%. Now I find myself standing outside to see if the music is too loud. I’m studying music as well, and I don’t want the neighbours complaining about me practicing in the basement.

Any ideas on what I can do about this issue?