May 29th, 2014


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So about a year and half ago, I fractured my leg right above the ankle. I talked with my dr's and stuff and they said I healed fine. However, lately, the last... I don't know how long, my ankle has been swollen. A lot. Only that one. Should I go to the doctor? What can I do to make it less swollen and hurty?

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In about a month I'm moving 8 hours away.
What is the best advice you can give for someone packing?

I'm also moving to the middle of the desert.
Anyone here lived in the desert and have tips n how to stay cool?
Or to not let snakes and scorpions in my house, if that's even possible?

dk/dc: Tell me about the last time you moved?

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I would like to go away and I have a voucher for the air fare. It's to Greece and I've never been.

Do I take a package deal and go for 8 days with my friend and use 6 vacation days or go for 11 days and use 9 vacation days? (4 will remain until July 2015). My friend would still leave after 7 days.

What would you do?
Things to consider: money and convenience (I would have to plan and pay for the extra days myself).

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Bills, bills, bills

So here in western Canada, there has been a lot of discussion around the increasing cost of groceries. I've certainly noticed it - our weekly grocery budget seems to fall short by $10-20 pretty consistently these days.

Have you noticed an increase in your grocery bills? Any items in particular? Will it change your shopping habits?
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Can anyone suggest a alcoholic drink that I can have that doesn't taste too strongly like alcohol?
Something I can order at bars, preferably.  So far, every person who have ordered a drink for me and said "You don't taste the alcohol" has lied or already had a few shots.

Move, or Stay?

TQC, I have a big decision ahead of me. I just received a job offer for a position back in my home state of MI. It's with a big company, and I'd be learning a lot. Career-wise I think it's a smart move. BUT I'm really torn between moving back, and staying in the city. If I take the job I'd be closer to old friends and family - a 30 minute drive instead of 5 hours - so I wouldn't miss things like birthdays or impromptu dinners. At the same time, I'm feeling sad about the thought of leaving.

There are so many more opportunities to do the things I like to do out here, and I have friends out here who I would miss.
To make matters a little more confusing, a couple months ago my long-term live-in boyfriend and I ended our 6-year relationship. We ended it amiably and on good terms, but we still see each other often. (I know, I should cut all ties for a while to "move on" but it's hard when we still care about each other.) Deep down I wonder if the sadness I'm feeling is because I'm going to miss hanging out with him and, and I know it's going to make him sad too.
I'm so torn between a good career move, moving toward family, and moving away from a "fun" city. What do you think? What would TQC do?


Unrelated questions.

Are you a confident person? Where do you think your confidence comes from? I've grown a lot more confident in the past years and I hate to say it, but a lot of it stems from male validation.

Have you ever been attacked or nearly escaped an attack by a dog? What did you do to protect yourself/to get away?

Any suggestions for 'dumb' or silly movies that are still entertaining and clever in a way? My boyfriend is studying for his finals and he likes to watch a movie to unwind and just... not think for a while at night. So far we saw American Pie, Wayne's World and Superbad.
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My coworker and I are looking at taking some fitness classes a few days a week after work. Neither of us really know what we want to do. We're both overweight and not very coordinated, so it would need to be something easy to execute that would still be beneficial.

Do you take any fitness classes, such as Zumba, yoga, etc? What kinds of classes should we be looking for, or what would you recommend?

Does anyone under the age of 50 still Jazzercise? My mom used to do it and it looked fun, but idk if that's something that attracts people in our generation (I'm mid-20s, she's early 30s).