May 25th, 2014


meat in the fridge

i bought some sirloin and ground beef from the organic market on wednesday. i told the butcher this was for my cookout on sunday (tomorrow), and i asked if i should freeze the meat or not, and he said it should be fine to just keep in the fridge until sunday.

tonight i took it out to marinate, and it was a little brown. it didnt smell, but now im getting nervous. should i toss it? or will it be ok to grill?

**yes, i know i am dumb for going grocery shopping so far in advance.
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It's time to upgrade my tiny 15" TV from college! I want to get a TV that's at least 28", and have it either be a smart TV or get one of the boxes that you can run Netflix/Amazon Instant through. I only have a PS2 and Super Nintendo so I can't use those for streaming, obviously.

I really don't know much about TVs, but I just want it to work and have decent picture/sound quality.

Any particular brands you would recommend I look at? Should I get a smart TV or a regular TV + one of the streaming boxes (idk what they're called)?