May 22nd, 2014

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Board Games

What's your favourite board game? Which can't you stand?

I've just discovered this amazing board game cafe, where you can reserve a table for up to 3 hours (but only have to leave if someone else has reserved) or just turn up and stay as long as you like.

I wasn't really a fan of board games before this, as 'monopoly' was the first thing to come into my head.

I've decided I especially like co-operative games. So far, some of my favourites are:

- Love Letters
- Forbidden Desert (and the easier Forbidden Island)
- Pandemic (although I've yet to win)

But I have little patience for anything requiring spatial rotation/placement or long games, such as Monopoly.

Jonathan Safran Foer

I'm not very familiar with the happenings of author Jonathan Safran Foer. Someone on my facebook newsfeed had this status that said: "Fuck Jonathan Safran Foer." When I google searched him out of curiosity, the only thing that came up is that some of his writing will now be on Chipotle bags. That didn't really seem worth fucking him over.

Any idea why the hate towards the writer?
Chandler & The Drill

Performing/learning music

Have you ever played a musical instrument? If so, which instrument was it/were they? How far did you take it/them?

If you played an instrument or sang in local bands/orchestras/choirs etc., what was your favourite piece to play/sing?

Did you ever compete in local/national/international festivals or competitions?

Did you have a piece that you could play/sing particularly well?

Is there a piece that you think of as representing your instrument/voice, and if so, were you ever any good at performing it?

Is there any orchestral/vocal/both piece that you loved being a part of at any point?

If you still play your instrument/s or sing, to what extent do you do so?

If you no longer play your instrument/s, do you still own your instrument/s? If you no longer own your instrument/s, do you wish you still did?

(no subject)

What are your favorite salads to eat?
I'm looking for fun ideas. I don't generally like salads, but feel I should try to include them in my diet more. I made one tonight that had romaine lettuce, radishes, strawberries, and celery.

(no subject)

My sister is getting married on Saturday and we're looking for a song for her father/daughter dance. They both want it to be a polka.

I try not to judge.

The problem is, while my dad loves polka, he doesn't know song names or artists, and my sister and her DJ also aren't familiar with polka music. Do any of you have any polka recommendations?

dk/dc What was the last movie you saw that you expected to hate, but ended up not minding/enjoying?