May 20th, 2014

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Okay, am I just crazy or is there a version of Hocus Pocus where the Sanderson Sisters, knowing they don't have much time, put some of their potion into candy and hand it out to all the children before Sarah sings them the song to lure them in?
I think it was in the book adaptation, but I've tried googling it and I couldn't find anything about it.

What's one memory from your childhood you were surprised to find out was true?
What's one that turned out to be false?
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Where is a good city/state/country to get a elementary teaching job?

My husband has been "underemployed" (subbing, teaching Title 1, summer school, whatever he can find) for 5 years since getting his degree. We've stayed in Ohio because our families are here, but it is over-saturated with teachers and seems to be the worst place to get hired.

At this point, two kids later, we're considering moving (I can probably go to part-time and work from anywhere or find something else). Anyone live somewhere that needs (40-something, male, highly qualified, K-5) teachers?
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Whatcha doin, TQC?
I'm at a little league playoff game and I've been instructed to not watch, because I make him "nerbous," haha. he's so cute!

Do you spring/fall clean, or do you consider weekly/monthly sufficient?

DK/DC/wat is clean: do you wear sunglasses? What kind?


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My wife and I are going to a fairly fancy fundraising dinner that will be held on the grounds of a farm. It includes a tour. The invitation suggests, "farm fancy attire." What do you think that might mean?