May 19th, 2014

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Okay, so I've read in numerous places that two pounds per week is the maximum a person should aim to lose. Does anyone know if there's a maximum for losing percentages of fat?

Pick your poison: yoga or barre workouts?

How long do you go between underwear changes?
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Entertaining a depressed cat named Petals

Hi, TQC!

What are some tips for making a depressed, somewhat overweight cat who gets not enough sunlight happier and more active?

We moved from Texas (where she was a joyous outdoors cat in a closed neighborhood filled with other happy cats, plants, pools, etc.) to NYC (where I keep her indoors out of necessity but also because I want to prolong her lifespan).

I take her up to the roof, which she enjoys, and out on a leash, which she loathes, but she only likes being on the roof for ~15 minutes at a time. She lives in the half of the house which has no natural light; two other cats live in the other half and after 6 months they are still very hostile towards each other. I've switched her from open grazing to three small meals a day to help her drop some pounds but she pretty much eats her emotions of boredom away and waits for the next meal.

What are some things I can do to get her more active and less depressed? I am fairly available as I work at home 3 days a week, and she loves cuddling with me, but I'm not very creative coming up with/she has very little drive to do "activities" suggested online.

Can you help?
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What is your favorite restaurant chain? What do you normally order?

What is your favorite non-chain restaurant? What do you normally order?

What is your favorite meal to cook? What is your favorite thing to eat that someone else cooks for you?

MMMmm... food.

DK/DC: What's the craziest diet you've ever heard of?
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If you had pneumonia, but the doctor couldn't tell you if it was viral or bacterial, but gives you antibiotics anyway, would you take them, knowing that the superfluous prescription of antibiotics is creating a very serious health problem?

Have you ever had pneumonia?
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So my boyfriend and I just broke up a couple hours ago. I just moved with him to the DC area, which is obscenely expensive compared to where we came from. For now, I'll be staying in the spare bedroom since there's no way in hell I can afford a place by myself. He and I are on good terms, it was (mostly) mutual, but things will definitely be a bit awkward now since we're still living together.

Has anyone ever gone through something similar? How long did you stay before finding your own place (it will clearly be me moving out when it happens)? We just signed a year long lease not too long ago so we're both like "wtf do we do now?"

So, TQC, wtf do we do now?
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Omelettes, earbuds, crushes, stepping on gross things

How do you go about making an omelette?

My method: Break eggs into bowl, pick out bits of shell. Prepare ingredients for filling. Heat oil in largish flat-bottomed pan. Beat eggs to reasonably uniform consistency. Pour eggs into pan on low-medium heat. Wait until bottom bit of eggs starts to solidify. Nudge edges of eggs up and tilt pan so uncooked eggs run into gaps. Put ingredients for filling on one side of pan, on top of eggs. Flip other side of eggs over to cover filling. Leave for about a minute.

You know when one of your earbuds stops working for no apparent reason, and you have to twiddle the connector really carefully to hit the sweet spot - is there any obvious fix for that, other than buying a new pair of earbuds, or standing in a ridiculous pose just so you can listen to your music properly?

What has been your most ridiculous "celebrity" crush? I put celebrity in quotation marks because I mean it in the loosest sense. For example, I had a crush for quite a while on Philip Jackson (Japp in the Suchet Poirots) and my best mate had a real thing for Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen back in the day.

ETA: What's the grossest thing you've ever stepped on? I just stepped on a slug, but I've stepped on slugs before. First place is probably a toss-up between warm cat puke, and the time I walked around for ages before realising there was a giant piece of glass in my foot. Ugh yeah, glass-foot wins. That was vile.