May 18th, 2014

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Have any ideas for a surname for a pen name beginning with Z? Yes, I went with one of the hardest letters known to man. I'm not sorry.

Existing names - like 'Zdenek' - and fictional ones - like 'Zakaroff' - are welcome. I might plan to actually use one of them if I find the perfect one. (I was originally going with Zdenek, but I'm aware not everyone knows how to pronounce it.)

So, surname beginning with Z. Thanks.
あ - Gal (suspenders)

Dye Dye Dye

Does anyone have any experience with Rit Dye™ or do-it-yourself dying of fabrics at home? I'm specifically wondering if I can make olive hued items (Military style) -- less yellow -- like is there a color/dye that would cancel out the undertones or something?

Or any other creative suggestions beyond dying them black?
Thank you in advance!

*dk/dc - do you like tie-dye? have you ever dyed any clothes at all? how did they come out?

Is there a veterinarian in the house?

My dog just did his morning poop, and there were some mucous streaks in it (but the stool itself was mostly firm). He seems fine besides that. Do you think this could be a one off or will it likely lead to some more symptoms/a vet visit? I will be keeping an eye on him and continue to check his stools.

Edit to add that he had his weekly agility class yesterday, and while there's no direct dog-to-dog contact, there's always bits of fallen treats on the floor that he vacuums up. If he picked up something from that (beyond just a minor upset stomach), would it appear this quickly?

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I'm off of work today, broke, with nothing to do. my apartment has been cleaned, and my boyfriend is fast asleep for the day (he works at night).

What should I do with my day, TQC? serious or non serious answers are welcome.

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Have you ever dated someone who had a rough upbringing (whether abuse, generally bad family relationships, or anything else)? How, if at all, did it affect your relationship?
If you had a rough upbringing, has it affected your relationships? In what ways?

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I'm making furry ears (which attach on hairclips and are all sorts of colours) and earrings with little birds on to sell at festivals.

I'm selling them on a friends stall so the space will probably be fairly flexible, any ideas on how to display upright hair clips? Other than on a wig.
I also need a name for my business/product so I can set up an etsy shop etc. Any clever ideas for names? My first name is Anna, so I had thought of Anna Chronism or Anna Molly (which works because it sounds like Animal-y), but go wild.
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do you watch tv?

if so, what type of service do you have? (cable, dish, etc)

if not, do you use any services like netflix, amazon prime, or hulu?

are there any series you'd recommend for me?
i just finished gossip girl at last, and started bates motel. so far i like it but it's one that you really have to pay close attention to!

dk/dc/tv will rot your brain: are there any grammar rules you break regularly? confess your sins here
clearly i use prepositions at the end of sentences and ignore everything i ever learned about capitalization.