May 16th, 2014

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So my husband, baby (who will be about 13 months) and I are looking to go to Morocco after Christmas. Another couple and their (almost) 2 year old would probably come with us. We want to go for 10 days, possibly with a trip to Egypt after that as well (the other couple only wants the 10 days in Morocco).

If it makes a difference, my husband and baby have UK passports and I have a US one.

Tips? Suggestions?

Where do you go for travel advice? Do you book through travel agencies or make your own trip? 

Paging Doctor TQC

for the past week or so I've had a pain that goes from in my ribcage just under my right boob and around the side just to the back. What have I done/pulled/tweaked and what can I do to help it?

don't know/care/just want to give more help: How do I go back to the old journal view?

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My boyfriend moves to LA in several days, definitely for the summer and possibly for the forseeable future. I have no plans or desire to move to LA. And I don't want to break up.

Any advice for dealing with the uncertainty or preparing for the long distance relationship? This wouldn't be the first time we were long distance, but the fact that there is no end date is frightening. Neither of us seem to be dealing with it well or at all.
Celebrities: Adriana Lima (for Jeff)

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Say you're driving on a major freeway. Night has fallen and there's no traffic, but it's around 8pm, so it's not super late or anything. You're driving 75 mph, which is over the speed limit but definitely not an uncommon speed for this freeway. While in the left lane, you come up on a car that is not going faster than traffic and not passing anyone else. You pass them on the right and get back in the left lane with plenty of room (like you don't even get close enough to read their license plate) between you. The driver flashes their brights at you.

Why did they do that? Were they calling you an asshole for speeding? Or did they think you were too close? Or other??

I've heard sometimes people will flash brights to warn of cops ahead but we were going in the same direction, so that doesn't make any sense. Besides, there was another driver who flew past even me, but he was in one of the far right lanes. So if there was a cop and the brights-flasher somehow saw him in the dark, he probably would have gotten that guy.

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I have two large planters (about 16in wide and 14in deep) What veggies or fruit should I grow? I've already got two types of hot peppers in one planter. I live in southern Delaware