May 15th, 2014


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If you have a tattoo/tattoos, how did you decide what to get? Where to place it/them? Which tattoo parlor to use?

I've (very) recently been strongly considering getting one, but I have no idea what to get. I think I'd get it on my shoulder blade because it's an easy place to cover or show. I think watercolor style tattoos are absolutely gorgeous, but no clue on what I would want permanently on my body.

Any tips? (Beyond the "be absolutely sure on what you want, don't do it on a whim." I don't mind mulling this over for a long time.)
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I'm in need of new dress pants for work. They need to be comfortable and forgiving in the waist area, since I've gained a bit of weight and I'm trying to lose it. Most dress pants I find are so uncomfortable due to my "pooch" and honestly, there's not a lot of give in most of them. I did find pants from New York & Co awhile ago that were stretchy and came in small-XL instead of number sizes, and you could just pull them on like yoga pants, but they looked nice. Those have worn out entirely and they don't make them anymore.

Does anyone have suggestions of where to find similar, or just comfortable, dress pants? They don't have to be pull on but I did love the ones I found at NY&C so that would be a bonus. Thanks!

Forgot to mention, I'm a woman if the description of my post didn't make that clear. =) And I'm in the US, just outside of DC
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TQCers with rewards credit cards, how do you use your rewards? Do you save them up long-term, or do you want more short-term gratification?

For example, I'd love to rack up enough points to actually pay for a whole vacation. On the other hand, I currently don't have nearly enough for that. But I do have enough to take the cash back and have some fun this weekend. I'm sort of conflicted.

ETA: My points don't expire.

Dk/dc/cash is king: From where do you get your music, for the most part? Radio, iTunes, streaming service, torrenting, etc?

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I went out with a guy 2 times. The first time was awkward, I didn't know whether to think of it as a date or not. The second time was better, though we were still slightly awkward and nervous. Recently, he was teased about another female colleague and he took the opportunity to clarify that there was nothing between them. We watched a movie after dinner and he sent me back home. It was nice. :-)

Both times, he sent me a text wishing me goodnight after we've gone our separate ways. Other than that, he just doesn't text. It's slightly perplexing to me. He doesn't text me anything throughout the day. It would be nice to see a 'How's your day?' or 'Hope your day is going well' text...

I think he likes me..I like him quite a bit too. I guess he is just not a texter? Have you ever dated someone who wasn't a texter? Are you a non-texter yourself? Do you just prefer face to face commmunication?

Do you think he would ask me out again? :) I'm not *very* young but it's the first time I have been asked out by a guy.