May 13th, 2014


questioning the job

I recently had a discussion with my boss pertaining in my opinion a very incorrect way to tell me I didn't get the position I wanted. I was told by being introduced to the person who got hired into the position.(not the first time either) my question is: How would you feel if it happened to you? Is my being upset unjustified?

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We're going car shopping today. The dealership we're going to check out has a certified pre-owned car that I really want and they're asking $17,987. I don't think I can afford any more than $15,000. Do you think I can get them down that far, or is that a big enough jump that it'd just piss them off?

I've only ever bought one car before and that was just from some guy, so I have no idea how to approach a dealership. Any general tips?

Do you have any hilarious or useful car-buying stories?

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You have this device. If you use it, 1 year will be taken off the life of every single person on the planet (they'll die one year earlier). In return, rainfall will occur in ample supply in your country, nourishing crops, lakes, rivers, etc. Not an excessive amount, not enough to cause flooding. This bounty of rainfall will be current enough (though not in excess) for the next 3 years, thus removing all drought symptoms in your country within that span, and making it drought resistant for several years after that. All in exchange for 1 year from all 7 billion people on the planet. Would you activate this device?


There exists a second device. This one is similar, but larger. When activated it will remove 5 years from every single person on the planet. All 7 billion plus of earth's inhabitants. In return, rainfall will occur all over the planet. Drought will be wiped out worldwide for a three year span. Crops can have a chance of growing, animals can boost their numbers, and the vast multitude of deaths that occur through reduced access to clean water will be halted. But, you are taking half a decade from every man, woman and child on the planet to ensure this salvation. Would you activate the device?


Inspired from the Captain America 2 movie, let's say there's a method of ensuring a cessation of war, of violence. A giant militarized satellite in the sky, capable of zapping people anywhere on the planet hovers above us all. If the satellite is activated, it will zap 1,000,000 people, vaporizing them instantly. These people are the murderers, terrorists, rapists, etc. The most violent, heinous people on the planet. The instigators and promoters of violence. All removed. There is no chance of error, so no one innocent will be killed. 1 million people murdered to bring a Utopean safety to the rest of the 7 billion. Would you activate the device?


This last question, $100,000,000 will be given to you with the following condition. From thence forward, you will be strictly average in every way (but only if you were above average). If you're attractive, your appearance will drop to average standards. If you're intelligent, your smarts will decline until you're on a par with your country's standard. If you're humorous, that, too, will be depleted until you're no longer exceptional, but average. If you're creative or talented in any way, that, too, will be reduced to average levels of ability. No monetary worries for the rest of your life, nor anyone in your life, in exchange for irreversible reduction on your strong points. Would you accept this deal?


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Does your job have any weird and unexpected advantages?

I just got to check out a side-by-side comparison of MRI scans of my head from before I lost 45lb, and after, allowing me a view of the difference to the back of my neck and my chin which I would not normally get to see.

DK/DC; what are you wearing today, and is it appropriate for the weather? It's way hotter outside than I thought it was going to be, so I am somewhat overdressed in jeans and a fitted button-down shirt. Kind of hoping we'll get the thunderstorms we've been promised before I have to cycle home.

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I'm pretty sure I know the answer but just in case...I stretched my ears up from 0g to 00g yesterday. I used a taper and it was a really smooth easy stretch, but 24 hours later they're sore and one is a little swollen. So do I go back down to 0g and re-heal or give the swelling a little longer?

ETA: I went down, definitely a good decision.

What body mods do you have?

What was that movie?

I have a memory of a movie that must have come out pre-2000. There's a young girl (teens?). Her friend's mother offers the girls beverages but when one girl says she's thirsty, the mom tells her there's a hose she can drink from. I want to think it was because the girl was either poor or gay but I really can't remember. It only stuck with me because my mom called the woman a bitch and my mom never swore in front of me. Any ideas? It could have been a lifetime movie. It was dramatic.