May 11th, 2014

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I've got two questions today because I don't think I can make two different posts.

At university, I'm severely lonely. I have been there for a year, but I don't have any friends (well, I used to have a small group of friends, but for whatever reason they decided to cut me loose). I spend all my time on my own, I don't get to socialise, and due to how depressed it's got me, I can't concentrate on my work all that well. The only people I talk to with any regularity are my tutors. Of course, I cannot remember the last time someone other than a sibling gave me a hug or gave me a comforting touch on the shoulder. My depression has gotten worse, I feel like a failure, and I've taken to camping out on the living room sofa. I have not slept on my own bed for two nights. I may not leave until the term is done.
I have no friends, no good memories, and a month of this to endure.
So, how can I make some meaningful friends? I have three roommates (that is, they were randomly placed in the flat with me at the beginning of the year), but none of us are actually friends with each other. There are a couple of people I can talk to, but getting them to hang out with me outside of class is impossible - that is, unless you know ways I can encourage them to hang out with me?

Basically, I'm very lonely here. What can I do to alleviate that and/or make friends?

For a piece for Japanese class, I need to write a short story. All I need is a simple idea. This can be as weird and whimsical as you like (the weirder the better, actually), but it must be simple. One example is a story I wrote about a teen girl who fell in love with her coffee mug. The best one will be used for the story.

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Currently, my bank account is located in a small regional bank in New Jersey. It's a good bank, but the problem is that I have to go back to NJ any time I want to deposit something, and it's annoying, so I want to open an account at a bank closer to home. The three below all have branches within easy walking distance of where I live, but I'm open to other suggestions as well. (NO BoA).

Which bank should I open a checking account in?

Capital One
TD Bank
Other (in comments)