May 10th, 2014

Chandler & The Drill

If you were in this situation...

My SO and I recently found ourselves discussing what we would do if we found ourselves in a hostage situation (we're not, btw). We were talking about who should be released first. I said that parents and carers should be released first. My SO agreed, but said that after that women should be released before men. His reasoning was that men tend to cause more trouble in the world. I said that he might have a point, but it's not very likely to apply to a specific group of people.

Any thoughts on this hypothetical situation? How would you go about deciding who got released first?

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Serious question:
Why is it that I feel no [sexual/romantic] attraction to all the guys I kiss, even though I was initially attracted to them?

Am I a lesbian? Is it just bad kissing? Do I feel 0 connection to these people? Is there 0 chemistry? I never feel the heady, light feeling or spark or buzz when kissing someone. All of my kissing partners ask me why I'm so cold and don't feel anything... I really find kissing boring because I feel nothing...


One of my old highschool friends was just convicted of murder today. I haven't talked to him in a few years. He was a really nice guy. I seriously cannot believe he killed someone.

What was the last thing that shocked the heck out of you?