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May 9th, 2014

(no subject) [May. 9th, 2014|05:26 am]
The Question Club


I'm going to an interview today and I'm about 90% sure I'll get the job based on what I was told during a phone conversation. I'm currently working for the State -- it doesn't pay a lot and the morale there is not good (it got so bad I turned a notice in in March but was asked to stay at least until I found something else) but it is a very stable job, it has good hours M-F, I've already put in 3 years towards my 25 year retirement, and I'm afraid if I leave I might not get back into the State again if I need to.

This new job pays better and has benefits but it isn't nearly as stable as the State job and the hours are hectic (I would have to work Tuesday-Saturday and though I would get at least 40 hours it is not always at a set time, I would basically be on call Tues-Sat to go in at 8 or 1 and some days would be short, others really long).

My hope was to find another job within the State, but I've been applying for a very long time with no luck. Should I take this job if it's offered to me?
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This is our last dance, this is ourselves.... [May. 9th, 2014|12:43 pm]
The Question Club


So, I've got final exams coming up. My family and I are moving house. I need to get a job and a car.

What pressures are you under? Anything stressing you out? Feel free to vent!
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(no subject) [May. 9th, 2014|01:17 pm]
The Question Club


What was your most expensive mistake?

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A What? [May. 9th, 2014|03:36 pm]
The Question Club


Maybe NSFWCollapse )

DK/DC- What was the last weird term you ran into?
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(no subject) [May. 9th, 2014|04:42 pm]
The Question Club


I'm curious to know, what does TQC think of this?

(The video is Dr. Drew interviewing the lady who chose to film her own abortion)

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(no subject) [May. 9th, 2014|04:46 pm]
The Question Club


What are your favorite plants to keep? Succulents, cacti, leafy big ones, orchids, herbs, everything?
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Anonymous gift jacking [May. 9th, 2014|11:14 pm]
The Question Club


Person A received a sizeable anonymous gift. Person A wrote a thank you note and posted it to a common wall to thank the anonymous gifter for their thoughtfulness. Person B drops hints to person A that they gave person A the gift. You know for a fact that person B did not give person A the gift and is taking credit because person B knows the anonymous gifter won't reveal his or her identity to person A. You are not the gifter or giftee. In fact, you really aren't involved in this at all other than being the one who knows person B is claiming to have gifted something person B did not gift. Do you confront person B? Do you out person B to person A? What do you do?

Don't know/don't care/couldn't follow your prompt: What's your favorite type of candy?
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