May 8th, 2014

Feeling sorry for myself...

I don't know if anyone remembers my last two posts about being ill with a chest infection, but the condition has deteriorated somewhat. For two months I have been coughing and wheezing constantly, and my chest is now so tight that the pain is almost unmanageable. I've been through two courses of antibiotics (useless) and one course of steroids (helpful but over very quickly) and I use an inhaler (helpful in the short-term) - I am not asthmatic but the infection has tightened my bronchial tubes in a way that has created asthmatic symptoms. I had to go to A&E a few weeks ago as my breathing got so bad one night, and I had an X-ray this morning.

Can you tell me stories about the last time you were ill for a prolonged period of time? I know two months is nothing in comparison to what some people have had to go through, but God this illness is getting me down. If you don't have any stories to share, can you please post pictures or gifs of animals to cheer me up? Thanks!
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Not related questions

1. Why does the internet at my in laws' block me from TQC's comment sections? It says it's porn. I haven't run into this with any other communities or journals that I've noticed.  

2. If you've got a partner or when you had one, is there a line between "comfortable" and "killing the romance"? (Brought to you by my husband plucking his nose hairs out while we were watching TV the other night...yeah, that killed it the night.)

New LJers

This question pertains to new LiveJournal users, assuming such a thing exists.

Are you new to LJ? (Say, within the past year or so.)

Do you know anybody who is?

Do you know of groups or features geared to new users? Do you use them? (The groups, I mean, not the users.)

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It'll cost $2000 to fix my car, which is 12 years old. The mechanic says it really isn't worth it, so we've started shopping around.

Will you show me a picture of your dream car? Mine behind the cut:
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I work retail and my boss asked me to find a charity/charities to come to our store for a weekend to try and raise money for their cause. After some looking I was able to get a group called 'Infant Food Bank and Pregnancy Care Centre' to come in for the weekend, which is great. Unfortunately they don't have enough volunteers to come for the Sunday-only Friday/Saturday. I am 32 weeks pregnant-it's very obvious. Would it be weird to volunteer to gather donations on the Sunday for the group? I feel like it would look like I'm hoping for a hand out, or that the items/money would be going to me (which is not the case).

To put it in perspective-you see a donation table for a pregnancy/infant centre and the person running the booth is pregnant. Does it look like she is looking for hand outs or (since there would be flyers, business cards, posters etc) does it just look like a person who is volunteering that happens to be pregnant?

Thanks! :D

DK/DC: What was the last thing you bought for someone else?

Craft Ideas!

My British self did not realise that it was Mother's Day here (in Germany) on Sunday until today. So I should probably help the 3-year old I look after make something for his mum.

Do you have any craft ideas?

I have some time to go to shopping but not a lot of shops to look in... probably can get any paper/card, perhaps some paint. He is not really one for sitting still for a long period of time, so quick and easy but cute is what I'm looking for. We will actually only have an hour or so in total (clear up etc included). Space for us to write a message on would be great!

Also, did you have any strange obsessions as a child? (Or now, if you like!)
Said 3-yo LOVES lawnmowers, street sweepers and rubbish lorries. Every stick is a lawn mower or a street sweeper, every park has to be mowed and every street cleaned. Youtube has started recommending lawnmower and street sweeper videos for me.