May 7th, 2014

Chandler & The Drill

Atrractive/unattractive traits

If you have a significant other/s, what makes them so attractive? What are their best traits?

What do you dislike about them?

If you were put in a situation where you could choose to stay with your SO/s, or be with anyone else of your choice, or just go off on your own, what would you do? Clarification - I meant more along the lines of being given the chance of 2 weeks or so on a desert island, would you choose to spend that time with yourself, with your partner, or with someone else? I worded this really badly originally.

My answers: Work ethic, charm, really nice eyes, decency, nice hands, nice hips, goofiness, gregariousness, nice collarbone.

- Goes on way too long when telling a story, inattentive, moody.

- Off on my own, but if I had to take someone with me it'd be my husband.

Gender stuff

So I was walking in Wal-Mart the other day (I live in a rather progressive state) and stopped by the toy section to see if there was something small I could bring home as a surprise for my oldest. I was really surprised to find they had their signage as "Boys" and "All Kids", that's it.

I don't usually get really irked by this stuff, but this particular instance really bothered me. I don't really understand why they needed a label at all other than "Kids" or "Toys". I enjoyed LEGOs as a girl and I liked GI Joe and so my inner-kid was really perturbed. Also, I have two boys and I've always treated toys as toys and not made a big deal out of any of it.

I took a photo on my phone of the signage but I'm not sure what I should do with it. Should I call the individual store? Should I try to complain to corporate? With Wal-Mart's track record, I'm a bit pessimistic as to their response though I assume if this is happening in my store, it's happening in other stores. Or should I just ignore it and let it go?

DK/DC: What's the best ice cream flavor ever, in your opinion?
Grumpy Angel

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What are the best shorts/boyshorts style underthings to wear under a slightly see through skirt?  I have some spandex type ones, but find they don't breathe very well.

Have you recently heard a song that you hadn't heard in ages?  What was it?  (I caught 'Elvira' on the radio this morning.)

Does your workplace have a dress code? What is it?

Why do grown women still feel like they need to be the center of attention?

I'm talking about my mother in law here.

Here are some examples:

I can never have an A/B conversation with her because she never let's me get a word in. Whenever she does I'm interrupted mid-sentece or she assumes what I'm going to say and cuts me off, and 99% of the time she is wrong, and I'm just left there misunderstood and without getting my point across. That's one thing.

Another example is Christmas dinner. I had just given birth (3 weeks early), and my mother in law was recovering from her radiation treatment, and since we had planned Christmas at my house and were not in condition to make X-mas dinner, my mom offered. My mom goes all out and this was no exception, she made everything and everyone said it delicious, except my mother in law. She said the way she makes the turkey is better and not dry, and she could not stand everyone praising my mom on her cooking.

I was the one who had given birth only days ago yet she was the one telling us about all her 5 labors and deliveries, when people were asking me! I would start a story and then she would say something like "I did not cry that much in fact with my first son...."

She lets everyone know that since she has facebook 200 men have asked to be friends with her...

This are just some examples I mean I could go on but this are the ones that have stood out the most.

Why does she keep doing this? Why does she still need all the attention drawn to her? Why is she so full of herself?

You'd think she'll be mature by now, right?

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Do you think classic and near-classic children's books should be edited to make them "politically correct"? Why and which books would you take your personal blue pencil to?

Examples: Huckleberry Finn edited to remove all instances of the N word, or the Mary Poppins books edited to remove the non-PC parts (specifically the "Bad Tuesday" chapter in the first book).

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