May 6th, 2014

god bless the world

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Have you ever been in a situation where you're dealing with someone who is extremely conniving?

Like, you know they're up to something generally sinister, and THEY may even know that you know, but you can't call them out on it, and they get off on you not being able to call them out on it?

Will describe that situation?  How did you handle it?

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So my aunt gave me a graduation card with a check for $100 in it, and the instructions to "use it for something fun - no bills!"

I'm considering using it to pay for a fun day in NYC, or putting it towards a new laptop, or a writing class, or something like that. What would you use it for?
Chandler & The Drill

Driving in continental Europe

Right, here's a silly question. I drive a manual car in the UK, where the pedals are obviously clutch (left) brake (middle) and accelerator (right). Assuming my car (Ford Fiesta) is standard, the gearstick positions are 1st gear (upper left), 2nd (bottom left), 3rd (upper middle), 4th (lower middle-right) and 5th (top right).

If you've ever driven a car of continental European make, in continental Europe where you drive on the right, are a) the pedal and b) the gear positions the same, or are either of them reversed? Google says the pedals are the same, but can't find anything on the gears and I don't really trust what I can find on google for either of them tbh.

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Which of these events have you experienced, either directly as a participant or as a spectator/witness?

A fist fight between two or more adults
An accident involving a motorcycle
A mugging or armed robbery
Purchase or sale of illegal drug(s)
Severe alcohol withdrawal
Tenant being evicted from [former] apartment
Long-term domestic violence
Someone streaking
Someone urinating in public place
An act of police brutality
A strip search
Severe flooding in residential areas
Parental spanking involving implement (belt, stick, etc)
Client soliciting/being solicited by a prostitute
A very acrimonious divorce