May 5th, 2014

computer bug


Does anyone know of any tricks/unwritten rules for filling out unemployment paperwork? Is it true that if you did't look for work in a week, you won't get your unemployment? Are personal illness, or FMLA acceptable reason for not having applied that week?

Do you do normal tax withholdings on your income, or do you prefer to pay at tax time?

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When you want hot water out of your tap, how long do you let the water run until it is hot enough to use? Do you do anything with the water that isn't hot enough, or just let it go down the drain?

jesus crust

Online Privacy

If someone posts information/pictures about you or your child(ren) onto their social media account (facebook, twitter, livejournal, myspace, whatever) after you explicitly ask them not to, what would you do? Does it matter if it's about you v. about your child(ren)? Does the nature of the information shared change your opinion?
kara walker

Bad Friends

If you had a friend who willingly decided to end your friendship (like a break up), then a few months later decided they regretted it and wanted to be friends again, what would you do?

ETA Let's say the friendship ended because of a fight you had, not because you grew apart or something.

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its my last night in Amsterdam.
I just answered a CL ad for a female looking for "drinks" tonight

"Its gonna really be a guy right? I'll wind up dead ? or she's not gonna show?

give me a scenario TQC...